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Published on August 1, 2022

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Masters World Strongest Man Competitor and Cancer Survivor Rob Stahl from Texas / Photo courtesy of Primordial Strength

When it comes to destination private gyms on the scale of delivering concierge service, there is no particular time of year for health and wellness goals, they are for a lifetime. In fact, Coach Helmicki has built a system over 60,000 clinical hours that is applicable from childhood to seniors as old 97. All abilities are welcome to participate in private one to one sessions.


Photo courtesy of Primordial Strength

Train With Confidence at Primordial Gym

Located in Elma directly off Route 400 Jamison exit, Primordial Strength is a locally owned and operated gym that specializes in privacy, safety, effectiveness over a lifetime, and post rehabilitation strength and conditioning. There are no general memberships, so the client has complete access to one of the best equipped private gyms in the country.

Photo courtesy of Primordial Strength

Coach Helmicki’s mission is: To help you overcome anything that stands in your way of reaching your unique goals from Cancer, Parkinson’s, Friedrich’s Ataxia, Stroke, and Spinal Injuries through individualized application of the art and science of professional coaching.  In fact, he conducts all appointments himself to ensure the service is provided at world class levels.

It’s no secret that beginning to exercise publicly can be incredibly challenging, even intimidating.  That’s why Primordial Strength’s philosophy is “treat this space like it is yours during the time you train”. They are committed to lifetime relationships and aim to serve and retain by having the most flexible private scheduling in the industry.

Using their State of the Art Scientific Coaching approach, the trainers at Primordial’s Gym will get a feel for what your specific health and wellness goals are— which could be anything from losing body fat to increasing endurance to simply lifting heavier and feeling stronger in your day to day life. There are no wrong answers!


Next the Primordial staff will analyze your body mechanics, body composition, metabolism, emotional state, and character strengths to create an individualized fitness and lifestyle plan for you to follow. Each plan goes in-depth to tackle all of the factors that go into a healthy lifestyle, which includes sleep, daily activity, stress levels, and more. 

And whether it’s your very first time stepping foot inside a gym or if you’ve been an athlete all your life, you won’t need to worry about feeling intimidated at Primordial Strength. All of their trainers are incredibly welcoming, positive, and supportive every step of the way— your success is their goal, after all! 

Celebrating 15 Years in Business

Did you know: Primordial Strength is officially 15 years old this year! The gym has come so far since it was founded back in 2007, and to celebrate, Primordial’s team is running a limited-time offer for new members.

If you’re looking to join, the time to do it is now. Primordial currently has 10 open slots at $40, discounted from the usual price of $50! You can also book individual training sessions on their website, and easily schedule it in for a time slot that works for you. 

To learn more, head to Primordial Strength’s website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Be sure to give them a follow to stay updated on the latest news and happenings around the gym! 

Primordial Strength

717 Jamison Road 

This article is a paid promotion sponsored by an SOB advertiser and designed to share valuable info with our readers.

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Written by SOB Creative

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