Our Marvelous Earth

  • Our Marvelous Earth

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  • Billions of burning stars… Trillions of mysterious planets… But ours can support life! Planet Earth has breathable air, plentiful water, sunlight, ideal temperatures, and just the right dose of gravity. Against great odds, these elements come together to support a diversity of plants, creatures, and environments.
    Discover just how marvelous our Earth really is in our second of eight permanent interactive science studios, Our Marvelous Earth. Explore our Earth’s systems, from extreme weather to geological phenomena and the alternative forms of energy our planet provides.
    • Explore the layers of the Earth, from the inner core to the thermosphere and beyond!
    • Dynamic Earth:The Earth’s surface is constantly changing. Mountains are formed. Volcanoes erupt. Rivers cut canyons. Wind and water move rocks. Take control of the Earth and watch geological history in the making on a giant Earth suspended in the air!
    • Power of the People! Do humans have an impact on the health of the Earth? How do we affect the water, air, land and the overall life of our planet?
    • Colliding Forces: Systems collide! Experience what happens when air meets different temperatures and pressures. Step into a wind chamber to get an “air-witness” account of the differences in wind power between a light breeze, tropical storms, hurricanes and tornados! Hold on to your hats as we kick it up to 75mph!
    • Fascinating Formations: Snowflakes come in all shapes and sizes, but do you know how temperature dictates their structure? Learn the science behind these chilly crystals, explore our Wilson Bentley Snowflake Collection and create your own design!
    • Get Tectonic! From the mild to the violent, earthquakes can do some major damage. Explore the causes of earthquakes and use this new knowledge to build structures that can withstand different earthquake intensities.
    • Storm Team 2 Weather Center: Become a weather forecaster and predict the weather using meteorology. Choose an extreme weather event or create your own forecast before recording yourself in action. Email your forecast to yourself so you can share your experience with friends and family!
    • Capture the Rays: Use the sun’s rays to explore how solar power can be used to power your home. How much energy do you need to power your home? Explore how everyday home appliances require different amounts of energy to operate.
    • Turbulent Turbine: While you can’t see it, wind can be captured to create energy. Use different types of blades and arrangements to create a wind turbine and see how much power you can generate.
    • The Mighty Niagara: Learn the history of Niagara Falls and how we use this magnificent world wonder for hydroelectric power.
    • Water Meets Land! Explore erosion and use a water table to see how varying speeds and amounts of traveling water affect sediment and the purposes of break walls and ice booms.


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