Throwback: Our Favorite Snowvember Memes from 2014

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Written by Step Out Staff

Published on November 25, 2014
Snowvember memes

This post was originally published November 25, 2014

We’re lucky that the extent of the natural disasters we get in Western New York are snow storms. (Ahem. Not a blizzard. This was NOT a blizzard.) While some sad occurrences did result from “The Knife Storm” or as we like to call it, Snowvember, there were some funny things too. Actually, tons of funny things.)

As always, one thing that kept us lighthearted and laughing through the week were the memes. Below is a collection of some of our favorites.

We’d love to give credit where credit is due, but the reality is it’s difficult to find from where these memes and photos originated. (We have a sneaking suspicion Trending Buffalo had something to do with them.) None of them are ours, they have been picked up off of social media (2014) where they have gone viral and made Buffalo famous. Woohoo! Thank you to all of you creative meme makers out there for sharing your humor with us. We owe ya one.
If you don’t understand these, we really can’t help you.


Snowvember memes
Snowvember memes


Going to Wegmans.. Need Anything?
Don Paul
Buffalo Snow

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Step Out Staff</a>

Written by Step Out Staff

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