Feel Good News: Buffalo Gives Back With The Mitten Fence

Feel Good News


Written by Kayla Milligan

Published on January 28, 2021
peoples park mitten fence
Photo courtesy of People’s Park

The Mitten Fence in People’s Park is a heartwarming example of the City of Good Neighbors at work during a Buffalo winter.

WKBW’s Taylor Epps originally reported about the Mitten Fence on Main Street in Buffalo as a new way Western New Yorkers are getting involved in helping the community. The People’s Park Mitten Fence has created a way for Buffalonians to “give what they can and take what they need,” says Epps.

WKBW reported that the fence normally gives out around 400 items a year, but this year it has gained even more traction. The fence was started in 2018 and more has been donated in the winter of 2021 than ever before.


You may not realize how many Buffalonians are in need of warm winter clothes. The Mitten fence has done a great job bringing this issue to light while creating a direct way to help. Additionally, the successful response has sparked talk of putting a Mitten Fence in Niagara Falls for future winters.

WKBW’s Epps says, “The fence will be up through March. If you want to donate, just bring your items in a plastic bag to keep them dry and hang them up. And if you need something to keep warm out here, just stop by and grab what you need.”

We love to see it, Buffalo. #cityofgoodneighbors

Read the full article covered by WKBW here!

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Kayla Milligan</a>

Written by Kayla Milligan

Kayla recently graduated with a 4.0 from UB as a Communication major and Chinese minor. She lived in China for half a year, skydived, white water rafted, drove an ice cream truck, and is always up for a new adventure!
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