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Written by SOB Creative

Published on December 9, 2016

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Fern Croft Floral

Photo x Sarah Bridgeman Photography

If you’re like many people, you might only visit a florist for a special occasion- whether in celebration, or in consolation.
While providing flowers and arrangements for such needs, Fern Croft Floral is so much more than your basic flower shop. Described by owner Erin Bauer as a “center for botanical arts”, Fern Croft‘s mission is to bring natural beauty and refined taste into everyday life. In addition to an entire spectrum of indoor plants and vintage botanical accessories, the shop also features artisan crafts by local artists, such as pottery from local artist Darcie Rosinski, which happens to work beautifully as vessels for flower arrangements. The shop also offers an array of DIY materials for at-home flower arranging and other floral arts.

Another big part of Fern Croft’s mission is to connect customers to their surroundings and our cultural past through educational classes – think DIY flower arrangements or wreath-making.
“I just think it grounds you in a way,” Bauer said. “A long time ago, most children grew up knowing what different wild flowers were. They knew the names of these things. We live in a very detached time and working with materials that are a part of nature is a very positive thing.”

Fern Croft Floral

Photo x Sarah Bridgeman Photography

Bauer said her classes are designed to teach an asymmetrical style, botanical awareness, visual skills and how to use seasonal materials to help students notice and use the plants around them. Ideally, students should walk away knowing to bring plants into their home and arrange them in a considered way.
“We’re trying to teach the student to arrange in a way that accentuates the plants’ natural characteristics,” she said. “An arrangement might look effortless, like you just threw it together, but there’s a process involved and a formula.”

“So you can walk away from one of our classes with and arrangement you’ve made, but also have the skills and enlightenment to be able to go home and do it again.”
Currently, Fern Croft is also selling handmade holiday wreaths. Costing $55 each, the wreaths are made from locally foraged grapevine and come in several different styles. Oh and they’re pretty much guaranteed to elicit a wide eyed reaction from your holiday guests. Custom holiday floral arrangements available, orders are preferred.
For more info on Fern Croft Floral visit and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Fern Croft Floral

291 Bryant Street, Buffalo, NY 14222
Hours: Wednesday– Saturday 11am – 6pm
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Written by SOB Creative

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