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Written by Emily Morrow

Published on December 23, 2014

Updated July 2015



44 Brayton Street, Buffalo, New York  |  (716) 884-8888

Hours: Mon – Wed 7am – 3pm, Thurs 7am – 6pm, Fri 7am – 3pm, Sat – Sun 9am – 3pm

Goof for breakfast, lunch, coffee, bread and a calm place to sit.



The Dish

Five Points has moved their cozy operation just down the street to a larger, and from what I hear, similarly cozy bakery with a large outdoor space, clay walls and rustic wood inside and out.
We’re not sure if Five Points Bakery and Toast Cafe was named after the original location or these values posted on their website, “Simple. Timeless. Honest. Balanced. Really Good.” In theme with these values, Five Points produces 100% whole grain breads with local grains that are ground daily on site. The flour is then soaked for an extra day in order to produce a more easily digestible bread. Their hearty bread comes in a variety of types including Multigrain, Cinnamon Raisin with Walnuts, Deli Rye, Extra Sharp Cheddar and Power Bread to name a few. Breads as well as pastries like Crumb Cake, Cowboy Cookies and Scones are available for purchase at the bakery counter. On top of all that and cinnamon buns, Five Points is a toast cafe. That’s right, they serve creative, original toast with all the bells and whistles. And I mean all of them.



Five points is great for many occasions. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cafe atmosphere for any of the usual reasons, or a snack like none you’ve experience in WNY, Five Points the place. Take adventurous, interesting friends to the middle of the west side and explore their toast menu with a tiny fork and every kind of side. Relax in the calm, aesthetically appealing bakery, while contemplating what you’ll pull from the fridge and add to the toast you make out of Five Points bread the next morning.
You’re Gonna Love

Kid’s Nook – Tucked under the stairs and filled with games and books for little ones to enjoy.

Utensils – Everything is mismatched in the MOST elegant way. If you’re like me, you’ll have already plotted out a strategy to hit the next estate sale to start your own eclectic collection because, well, it’s so damn cute!

Sides –  A long list of exceptional sides are available in addition to what comes with the toast you ordered including cheeses, jam, yogurt, peanut butter, fruit, pickled peppers, sauerkraut and more. It’s awesome.


Five Points Bakery and Toast Cafe

Side of Pickled Peppers


The Story

I never had the pleasure of visiting the first Five Points location, or trying their food before this recent visit, so my POV is not based on comparison; but I was very impressed with the handsome exterior that greeted us on this first visit and even more impressed with what I found inside.

The space is warm, and inviting. It reminds me of Elm Street Bakery in the way that it makes you want to stay a while. It’s different because it’s quieter, and even more relaxing. A long counter runs through the bakery, offering a perfect place to eat, watch the bakers do what they do, work on a laptop, read a book or chat with company.

As much as I love the space and the concept, the toast menu is my favorite part about Five Points. In, what I can only assume was a genius attempt to showcase their bread selection, Five Points has created a toast menu that is unlike anything available in western New York. It’s gourmet, classic, unique, odd, different, surprising and delicious, all while serving a purpose.

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We sampled:

  • Sharp Cheddar with St. Agur bleu, sour cream, hot sauce and garlic pickles, $5.75

The Sharp Cheddar toast was perfectly golden with oozing pockets of cheese and accompanied with a creamy, high quality bleu and a soft, subtle sour cream. The real treat here was the touch of hot sauce in a super-mini pitcher. Look closely or you’ll miss it.

  • Oatmeal Toast with Farmhouse cheese and plum cherry jam, $4.75

This more traditional toast taste combined sweet and savory in a very natural way to create the perfect Sunday morning kind of breakfast. Rich flavors were paired perfectly here.


The bread, which in my opinion is made for toasting, comes with a combination of sides, some with a few, some with one or two. There’s always the option of adding your own, which I took advantage of in my desperation to try their pickled peppers. It was a great decision, if I do say so myself.

If you’re thirsty, Five Points offers everything from coffee (hot and cold) to brown sugar tea and milk, ~$2.


What Else Looks Good:

  • Sourdough Ciabatta with nutella, $3.50
  • Apple Cider Toast with triple creme brie, $5
  • Volkornbrat with raclette and sauerkraut, $5.75


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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Emily Morrow</a>

Written by Emily Morrow

Emily is co-founder and Director of Storytelling at Step Out Buffalo. Her favorite things to do are eat, travel, and think up business ideas. Emily is originally from Hamburg, NY and her out of town friends will tell you that she loves to talk about Buffalo any chance she gets.
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