Four Iconic Summer Shade Brands for Five Iconic Friends from Visualeyes



Written by SOB Creative

Published on April 25, 2022

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Photo courtesy of Visualeyes

Every summer, the friends got back together in Western New York. They’d find some spot with a magnificent view, miles away from the city, and share a meal under that rare and much beloved summer sun. People often called them stylish or fashionable. They prefered to think they were just being themselves.

The friends shared two things in common: a fondness for each other’s company, and a love of Visualeyes. 


Roger, the traditionalist

Roger always wore a suit, even in summer. Heat was no justification for dressing down. The one concession made to the sizzling sun was a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses. He was a lifelong fan of Cary Grant and jumped at the chance to own some shades like his from North by Northwest. They seemed classic to him. Timeless. The friends said it made him look older. Roger didn’t mind that at all.

Corey, the sports enthusiast

Corey showed up an hour late to lunch, having hiked out to the remote spot instead of driving. The friends could see the blue lenses of his Oakleys ten minutes before he got up to them. He was sporting Manorburns today, and hadn’t removed them once since he arrived. Corey was an avid hiker, biker, and climber. He claimed the world only looked real from high above it. Or racing through it. And always behind his shades.

Marie, the culture chaser

She was born Mary but started going by Marie before she met the friends. It felt more elegant. Her sunglasses seemed to get larger each time they met. Now she was sporting a pair of Face à Face shades that hid half her face. It only made it more dramatic every time Marie lowered her frames and arched her eyebrows. She’d bought them in a heartbeat when she heard they were French-inspired. She was already on the lookout for larger ones.


The Jerries, renegades

The Jerries were the unusual ones. They had beautiful hair but insisted on wearing hats. They had lovely eyes but always wore shades. Today, they both opted for Jacques Marie Mage Molinos. Jeri and Gerry didn’t mind sharing a name or a sense of style, but they dreaded meeting a stranger with the same outfit. Exclusives like Jacques Marie Mage made that…unlikely. The Jerries were each wearing one of only 400 unique pairs of their sunglasses. 

Shop the looks

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3945 Main St. Eggertsville, NY 14226

735 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, NY 14222

This article is a paid promotion sponsored by an SOB advertiser and designed to share valuable info with our readers.

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Written by SOB Creative

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