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Written by Mandy Spencer

Published on May 2, 2019

Zettis Pizza & Pasta / Photo x Mandy Bly

Buffalo-style pizza has become a part of the culture in WNY. But that doesn’t make up the entire local pizza scene here. There’s actually a number of New York-style pizza establishments in WNY bringing influence upstate.

So what makes both styles so loveable, but so different? The biggest differences between Buffalo-style and NY-style seem to be a couple factors. First being the thickness in the crust. NY-style is a thin crust; manageably floppy, yet still crisped on the edges. Somehow, even though there’s far less pizza to consume than Buffalo-style, it’s undoubtedly delicious still.

Another core difference: toppings. NY-style definitely relies on more cheese and less sauce, whereas with Buffalo-style there’s a whole lot of everything going onsauce, cheese, grease, etc. And you cannot ignore the flat pepperonis on NY-style pizza. Cup-and-char pepperonis are basically a delicacy around here and unique to us Buffalonians!

You can probably name a number of local Buffalo-style pizza places to order from, but where can you get NY-style? Here are five NY-style pizzerias in WNY doing it right…

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Ferro’s Famous NY Pizza

Ferro’s Famous NY Pizza / Photo x Mandy Bly

1. Ferro’s Famous NY Pizza – West Seneca

Once you go to Ferro’s, you likely will never go anywhere else for thin-crust, NY-style pizza. The crust is soft and flavorful, making it easy to pound down a slice (or four). This is the type of pizza you can curl up on the couch, put on your favorite movie, have your slice in hand and eat cleanly with no mess. A handful of local reviews say Ferro’s is the best of the best for NY-style in the Buffalo area. I guess you’ll have to be judge of that.

Buffalo pizza blogger pro tip: Order an x-large pizza for leftovers.


Gino & Joe’s Pizza - Buffalo

Gino & Joe’s Pizza – Buffalo / Photo x Mandy Bly

2. Gino & Joe’s Pizza – Buffalo

Still one of the oddest things about Buffalo is that there are TWO Gino’s and Joe’s in Mainplace Mall in downtown Buffalodifferent owners, both serving NY-style pizza, same name. Of the two, the first floor Gino and Joe’s is serving up some great, authentic NY-style pizza. This place is a popular lunch spot to grab a slice to-go. When you walk in, there are over a dozen pizzas to choose from. But whatever you choose, Gino’s and Joe’s is guaranteed to be delicious.

Buffalo pizza blogger pro tip: Order multiple, different slices to try more pizza.


Zettis Pizza & Pasta

Zettis Pizza & Pasta / Photo x Mandy Bly

3. Zettis Pizza & Pasta – Amherst

Let’s talk about size! Zetti’s slices are likely bigger than the average human’s head. Located right across from UB’s north campus, Zetti’s offers a ton of different slice options along the counter to stare at and choose from. This pizza definitely has that thin-crust flop to it, but each cheesy, greasy bite is so, so worth it.

Buffalo pizza blogger pro tip: Fold or roll your slice up for easier eating!


Gino’s NY-Style Pizza Elmwood - Buffalo

Gino’s NY-Style Pizza Elmwood – Buffalo / Photo x Mandy Bly

4. Gino’s NY-Style Pizza Elmwood – Buffalo

Elmwood village needs a NY-style pizza place, and Gino’s is the perfect fit. Another place with different pizzas galore lined up to tease you! So often NY-style pizzas can be dry and bland, but Gino’s crust definitely holds it own and has a bit of flavor, despite being thinner. And there’s nothing better than a crunchy end-crust to complete the pie.

Buffalo pizza blogger pro tip: Pairs best with a game-day. #GoBills


Olisi’s - Tonawanda

Olisi’s – Tonawanda / Photo x Mandy Bly

5. Olisi’s – Tonawanda

Olisi’s pizza embodies many great qualities of a NY-style pizza. It’s thinner crust goes just slightly undercooked with crisped edges, allowing for that gentle flop that comes with the style. The zesty sauce Olisi’s uses blends well with the cheese to make this pizza savory, greasy, and real yummy.

Buffalo pizza blogger pro tip: Add on a side order of garlic knots and you won’t be disappointed.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Mandy Spencer</a>

Written by Mandy Spencer

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