Get Ready to Hit the Slopes With These 3 Brands From Visualeyes



Written by SOB Creative

Published on October 25, 2021

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Photo courtesy of Visualeyes

You see the world more clearly in freefall. 

At 60 miles per hour. From 2800 feet. On a 50 degree pitch. 

Thrill and danger swirl around your skis, but you barely notice. You only have eyes for the snow in front of you. You see every crisp detail of the track as you slice through it. The wind roars by your ears, but you don’t feel it. 

You sail clear to the finish. It feels like mere seconds. You’d take off your goggles here, but no. You like the way the world looks through these lenses. It always seems…smaller. Conquerable. Now, you need another challenge.


Photo courtesy of Visualeyes

1. Smith Optics Ski Goggles 

How many goggles have a built-in fan? 

Ride the next beast of a piste you find with Smith Optics ski goggles from Visualeyes. There’s no need to wear contacts or glasses with these because your prescription lenses can be mounted right into the goggles.

If goggles aren’t your speed, Visualeyes also has shades made for tackling some slopes.

Photo courtesy of Visualeyes

2. Oakley PRIZM Sunglasses  

You thought it was just a fun day on the slopes. You were wrong. There they are, on either side of you. Edging ever closer. The bad guys. No worries. You’re prepared.

You put on your Oakley PRIZM sunglasses, and everything comes into focus. Deep breath and then the plunge. You’re not even going to break a sweat.

You chose your shades for substance: crisp detail and vibrant color. You see every contour of the snow as you race to the bottom. You chose your shades for style: you’re getting away from the bad guys, and look aces doing it. Too bad no camera is rolling.


Photo courtesy of Visualeyes

3. Maui Jim Shades 

When all the stories are told and books written of your winter exploits, everyone will remember how good you looked. Sure, you’re talented. You’ve ridden your share of wicked slopes. But no one forgets the figure you cut right before a descent.

Maui Jim shades block out sun glare, so you never miss a turn. The other skiers might, though. These sunglasses turn heads, but not yours. 

Your eyes are locked on the piste, like a hawk on its prey. You’ll conquer this one too, and look damn good doing it.  

Visit Visualeyes

If you’re updating your eyewear collection, Visualeyes is a must-visit. From ski goggles to trendy yet functional sunglasses, they have exclusive lines you can’t find anywhere else in Buffalo.  

You can find them at one of two locations. Visualeyes has a place on Main Street in Eggertsville and another on Elmwood Avenue. 


This article is a paid promotion sponsored by an SOB advertiser and designed to share valuable info with our readers.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">SOB Creative</a>

Written by SOB Creative

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