6 Spots to Snag Some of The Biggest Cinnamon Rolls in WNY

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Written by Naomi Sakovics

Published on February 5, 2020
cinnamon roll

Photo courtesy of Sugar Street Cafe

Pulling apart buttery dough showered with cinnamon and oozing with icing is all part of the full-on sensory experience that is eating that most iconic of pastries: the cinnamon roll. **Swoon** The cinnamon roll, a longtime staple in American bakeries, marries lots of butter (of which Julie Child accurately said, “You can never have too much”) with lots of sugar, creating a union that’s been celebrated through the ages. 

We have Sweden to thank as the swirly dough of deliciousness is thought to have originated there. The Swedes even have a national cinnamon roll day on Oct. 4 to pay homage. Thankfully, this beloved pastry migrated from Sweden to North America and eventually to Western New York, where it landed on the plates, and in the sticky fingers, of many happy eaters. 


Here in WNY, nearly every bakery offers up their version of the cinnamon roll. (Since they’re fairly labor intensive to make, it’s nice to outsource the work to the professionals.) And while many merit accolades for presentation and taste, only a select few rise to the top. We’ve chosen them for their size — some are truly enormous — along with texture and taste. Only the best have all three elements in perfect balance.

With that said, in no particular order, here are our top spots to snag some of the biggest cinnamon rolls in town. Have them with coffee. Have them milk. Have them with friends. However you have them, we hope you wear stretchy pants — and thoroughly enjoy. 


cinnamon roll

Photo courtesy of Kaylena Marie’s Bakery

1. Kaylena Marie’s Bakery 

4236 N. Buffalo St., Orchard Park / Facebook

In research for this article, one particular place kept popping up: Kaylena Marie’s Bakery. This super cute Orchard Park cafe and bakery serves up some massive cinnamon rolls, described by one Yelp reviewer as “monster” sized, and are one of — if not the most — popular menu items, attracting cinnamon roll seekers from all over. They also win mega points for taste. If you’re searching for a superior cinnamon roll, this spot should be high on your list to hit. Read more in our article, New: Kaylena Marie’s Bakery is the Cutest.


cinnamon rolls

Mardee’s / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

2. Mardee’s 

9475 Maple St., Clarence Center / Facebook

You know you’re in for a treat when, perusing the menu, you see “Giant Cinnamon Roll” ($5.29). (Ummm, yes please!) At Mardee’s, it’s as much about the gigantic size as it is the icing. The aptly named pastry arrives drenched in a gooey glaze, cascading down layers of cinnamon and dough in an avalanche of sugary bliss. It’s as enjoyable to eat as it is to look at, and being the size that it is, it’s plenty enough for an entire table to split. Read more in our article, Mardee’s in Clarence Center is a Diner Done Right.


cinnamon roll

Photo courtesy of Garage Cafe & Lounge

3. The Garage Cafe & Lounge 

1127 Hertel Ave., Buffalo / Facebook

The Garage Cafe & Lounge is renowned for their cinnamon buns ($5.50) — and for good reason. Adding to their mystique is the fact that they’re not available all the time, and they sometimes sell out. They are only served on the weekend, so be sure to visit on a Saturday or Sunday. These buns are decadent. They are huge. And the cream cheese frosting is so good you will want to take a bath in it. They’re all yours for the trying. See more in our article, This New Hertel Brunch Spot Has the Best Cinnamon Buns in Buffalo.


cinnamon roll

Photo courtesy of Sugar Street Cafe

4. Amy & Co. Cafe

6926 Buffalo Ave., Niagara Falls / Facebook

We are all about highlighting hidden gems here at Step Out Buffalo, and Amy & Co. Cafe in Niagara Falls is definitely one of those little known — but much loved — spots. Although the eatery is small, their cinnamon buns are anything but. This quaint little neighborhood cafe serves up some buns as mouth-wateringly delicious as they are enormous. Pair it with some of their yummy coffee, and you’ll be golden for the day (or at least until you return for more!). This spot used to be called Sugar Street Cafe, now with new ownership, they still have the same great cinnamon buns!


cinnamon roll

This Little Pig / Photo x Morgan Culhane

5. This Little Pig 

4401 Transit Road, Williamsville / Facebook

This Little Pig does lots of things right, including their cinnamon buns. The “Butter-Grilled Cinnamon Buns” are listed on their brunch menu at $12, coming in tops for bun pricing. But these fancy buns are anything but average. They are house-made, giant-sized, grilled with butter and served with icing, berries and whipped cream. Salivating yet? The bun is split in half with the whipped cream and berries inside, creating the sandwich of your sweet tooth dreams. This Little Pig wins extra points for infusing their cinnamon roll with creativity. Check out more in our article Fried Chicken, Buttered Buns, & Boujee Benedict at This Little Pig Brunch.


Patina 250

Photo courtesy of Patina 250

6. Patina 250

250 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202 / Facebook

When a place mentions brunch, then you’ve already have our attention. Cue in Patina 250 who not only offers brunch but a huge skillet cinnamon bun. These buns are made with a brioche roll and covered in a vanilla cream cheese glaze. Grab a few friends and forks to dig into this mammoth bun and of course if you are there for brunch, you might as well throw some bottomless mimosas into the mix.


Written by <a href="" target="_self">Naomi Sakovics</a>

Written by Naomi Sakovics

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