Get Your Tissues Ready: The Story of How City of Buffalo Animal Shelter Pup, Ernie Finds a Home is The Sweetest

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Written by Courtney Kelly

Published on February 26, 2019

Photo x Cindy Grisanti

Ernie, the bighearted shelter dog finally found his forever home back in November.

We could not let this feel-good story from The Dodo, originally published in November 2018, go unshared. Our hearts are seriously melting so grab some tissues and prepare yourself for the sweetest story you’ll hear today.

According to The Dodo, one fall morning Cindy Grisanti, volunteer at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter, took the infamous pup, Ernie, out of his kennel for a stroll and some fresh air. Along their route, they spotted a UPS van driven by Jason Coronado, who was parked for his break. Ernie was overcome with excitement as he jumped into Coronado’s van. “Though they’d never met before, Ernie reacted to Coronado as if he was a long-lost friend.” Come on, and who says love at first sight doesn’t exist?


“More than a month after the random encounter, Coronado came to learn from a post on social media that Ernie had still yet to be adopted.” Ernie was one of the longest stays that the shelter hosted. After giving it some thought, Coronado decided to give Ernie his forever home. Since their meeting, the two have been inseparable. We. can’t.

Read the full story of Ernie and Coronado on!

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Courtney Kelly</a>

Written by Courtney Kelly

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