15 Great Juice Bars Around Western New York

Photo x Ashker’s Juice Bar’s Facebook

Freshly squeezed juice hasn’t always seemed like the most appealing thing to me — who wants to drink beets and celery? Turns out, I do. If you haven’t jumped aboard this bandwagon yet, give it a chance, you’ll be surprised by just how refreshing juiced vegetables and fruits can be. Plus, these drinks have powers — whether you’re looking to detox, boost your immune system, or gear up for the day, there’s a juice with a cure. There are so many options across the Buffalo area, but here’s a list of 15 great go-to places so you always know where your nearest juice-fix is.

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Ashker’s // Photo x Christopher Wayland Miller via Facebook

Ashker’s Cafe and Juice Bar

WEBSITE // 414 Amherst St., Buffalo, NY, 14207 / (716) 235-8328

Choose from one of their freshly pressed juices, canned each morning in mason jars, or pick one off their menu to be made just for you. They also have a bunch of other great (and healthy) options, like slow-cooked oats, sunrise quesadilla, and a tofu bean burrito, in case you’re looking for something a bit more filling.


Photo from The Grove’s Facebook

The Grove

WEBSITE // Ellicott Square Food Court, 295 Main St., Buffalo

We’re in a Food Revolution, according to The Grove, and that food revolution involves choosing local and “organic-first” whenever possible. But we’re also constantly struggling between giving in to that quick and easy fast food meal for convenience. This healthy lifestyle thing is a struggle, but The Grove gets us. Their juices are super tasty, affordable, and convenient — they even offer a regular delivery service for our hectic lives.  


Photo x The Healthy Scratch’s Facebook

The Healthy Scratch

WEBSITE // 75 Main St, Buffalo / (716) 855 – 4404

The Healthy Scratch’s owners are firm believers that what you eat will have an impact on your mind and body, so they want to help you feel great inside and out by providing you with healthy, fresh options you can trust. Whether you’re going for energy, weight loss, or immunity, they have an easy key to follow alongside all of their drinks like “Loving Life” and “Hang Me Out to Dry,” so you know exactly what your body needs.


Photo x Nature’s Apothecary’s Facebook

Nature’s Apothecary

WEBSITE // 1382 Hertel Ave, Buffalo / (716) 866 – 9513

You’re walking down Hertel, but your stomach is feeling a bit off. You’re exhausted even though you’ve had 6 cups of coffee. Everyone around you at work has a cold, and you’re pretty sure you’re next in line. The owner of Nature’s Apothecary knows the cure. Stop in and she will fix up the perfect drink for you. These guys are extremely knowledgeable and can explain the power of every ingredient put into your drink (most of which are local), creating the perfect remedy for whatever ailment you’re facing.


Photo from Press Food & Juice’s Facebook

Press Food & Juice

WEBSITE // 426 Rhode Island St, Buffalo / (716) 464 – 3695

Press Food & Juice is a totally vegan option, which doesn’t sound too important when we’re talking about juices, but it is good to know if you’re a vegan looking for a snack to go with your freshly pressed juice. They’re also totally organic which definitely explains their top-notch quality juices.



Rowhouse Bakery // Photo x Christopher Lestak

Rowhouse Bakery

WEBSITE // 483 Delaware Ave, Buffalo / (716) 500 – BAKE

Rowhouse Bakery is this crazy new marketplace that everyone needs to check out. If you’re looking for freshly baked pastries, they’ve got it. Cocktails? They’ve got that too. Salmon Gravlax Tartine? Yup, they’ve got it. So it’s no surprise that this unique place also serves up freshly pressed juices, 3 different types to be exact: Think, Love, and See. Read more about the Rowhouse Bakery here, or just stop by and try out their juices while you check the place out!


Rocketman // Photo from Squeeze Juicery’s Facebook

Squeeze Juicery

WEBSITE // 770 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo / (716) 882 – 2541

5419 Main St, Williamsville / (716) 565 – 1000

Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 9am-4pm

Squeeze Juicery is passionate about being more than just a cold-pressed juice bar — the owners are dedicated to helping you become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. Using organic ingredients and buying locally as often as they can, they are devoted to caring for the environment, the community, and their customers. On that note, everything on the menu is sure to be just as brilliant as their names, from “Smooth Operator” (aloe, pineapple, ginger, and lemon), to “Under the Milky Way” (almonds, cacao, dates, honey, cinnamon, and vanilla) and “Good Vibrations” (orange, cranberry, pineapple, and apple). We don’t even need their “Love Potion #9” (strawberries, grapefruit, pineapple, and coconut water) to fall in love with this place — but we’ll take it anyway.


Northtowns / North of Buffalo

Photo from Halmony Farm’s Facebook

Halmony Farms

WEBSITE //4567 Mapleton Road Lockport

Okay, so they’re only open for three hours a week, but they grow a variety of their own produce (primarily apple-pears) and use them to make fresh juices once a week. With juices, ice cream, animals, and holiday activities, this is definitely worth a short Sunday trip. Also, it’s just good to know.


Organic Carrot Turmeric Juice Blend // Photo from Trader Joe’s Website

Trader Joe’s

WEBSITE // 1565 Niagara Blvd, Buffalo / (716) 833 – 4687

Everyone loves Trader Joe’s; we’ve never met someone who doesn’t. And now we love it even more because they’ve paired with a juice supplier to create their own juicy concoction of fresh fruits and vegetables. They offer 3 different varieties, simply called Green, Red, and Yellow, all of which are bottled using high-pressure processing, AKA they seal in the freshness (without preservatives) so the juice stays fresh for days. And they’re only $4.99 each, not too shabby Trader Joe’s.


Photo from 700 Bistro & Cafe’s Facebook

700 Bistro & Cafe

WEBSITE // 700 Center St, Lewiston / (716) 429 – 5466

The 700 Bistro & Cafe offers custom fresh-pressed juices to order, made with the freshest fruits and vegetables. Their events might be the best part though — in the past, juice has taken the place of wine in a Creative Juices Paint N’ Sip class and a Yoga and Juice Class. We know, it’s not the same as wine, but it is a bit healthier, maybe even tastier (?), and the effects are arguably better.


Orange Splash Juice // Photo x Organic 3 Cafe

Organic 3 Cafe

WEBSITE // 4446 Main St, Snyder Pointe Plaza, Snyder / (716) 204 – 0031

Organic 3 Cafe offers 7 different juice choices, like the Sweet Beet, Skin Tonic, and Green Goddess, plus some occasional specials. They also offer shots of wheatgrass and a wheatgrass sparkler, which is great for fighting allergies — it may sound a bit odd, but we promise it’s super refreshing and it’ll go down far easier than any other shot you’ve taken.



Southtowns / South of Buffalo

Photo from Green Eats’ Facebook

Green Eats Juice Bar

WEBSITE // 6445 W Quaker St, Orchard Park / (716) 346 – 6539

Yes, that is an “Activated Charcoal Lemonade” juice (pictured above), a surprisingly great detox drink. If you’re not quite ready to drink activated charcoal, Green Eats has plenty of charcoal-free juice options, like their October Breast Cancer Awareness special, “Pink Juice,” cold-pressed with strawberry, beet, lemon, and apple. They also offer juice cleanses, perfect if you somehow got a little off track over the weekend. LOL


Photo from Kornerstone’s Facebook

Kornerstone Cafe & Juice Bar

WEBSITE // 33 Elm St, East Aurora / (716) 687 – 8303

Kornerstone is the first cold-pressed juice and smoothie bar to come to East Aurora. With 16 fresh juices regularly offered from the juice bar, including Liquid Sunshine, Booster, and Flu Away, they have everything your body may need as the cold sets in. They also brew their own kombucha, which is definitely worth a try if you haven’t tried it yet.


Various Locations

Photo from Feel Rite Fresh Market’s Facebook

Feel Rite Fresh Markets

WEBSITE  // (716) 346 – 6539

Feel Rite Fresh Markets have 5 locations: Buffalo, West Seneca, Amherst, Hamburg, and Williamsville, but you have to go to their Williamsville, Amherst, or Buffalo location to find their 100% Organic Juice Bar. Everything is made fresh daily and most of their products are organic, eco-friendly, natural, local, and 100% organic, so you can feel great about anything you purchase from here.

Welbeze // Photo x Step Out Buffalo

Welbeze Juice Bar and Eatery 

WEBSITE // 454 Evans Street, Williamsville / (716) 632 – 1769

1402 French Rd, Suite 300, Depew / (716) 771 – 1870

You may already know this, but we’ve recently fallen in love with Welbeze. This great cafe and juice bar is owned by a father and son duo who’ve always lived in the Buffalo area. They pride themselves on buying local and providing the most satisfying, freshly-pressed juices they can create. Find out more about Welbeze here or just stop in and see what all the fuss is about.


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