8 Great Spots to Grab Pizza For Lunch in Downtown Buffalo

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Written by Mandy Spencer

Published on June 5, 2019

D’Avolio’s / Photo x Mandy Bly @buffalopizzablogger

If you’re office is like most in downtown Buffalo, you’re probably running through the options with your coworkers or looking up menus for where to get lunch at approximately 9:01 a.m.—because priorities.

Buffalo’s downtown workers are fortunate to have a nice variety of lunch options available. But sometimes, you just want to skip the basic sandwich, the overpriced salad, or the liquid lunch (hi, third cup of coffee) and get a slice of pizza.

Easy, affordable, and undoubtedly always satisfying. Here’s downtown Buffalo’s most popular lunch destinations to order pizza at…

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JJ's Casa Di Pizza

JJ’s Casa Di Pizza / Photo x Mandy Bly @buffalopizzablogger

1. JJ’s Casa Di Pizza

Always high-quality and never disappointing at “Casa.” Their Buffalo chicken finger pizza, even topped with celery and carrots for authenticity, will have your heart soaring with Buffalove. Dine-in at their fairly large restaurant and grab a drink at their bar, or pick up a slice to-go back to the office.


Lovejoy Pizza / Photo x Mandy Bly @buffalopizzablogger

2. Lovejoy Pizza

900 Main Street, Buffalo

True Buffalo-style pizza fans give their stamp of approval when it comes to Lovejoy Pizza. With a second location now on Main St. in Buffalo, Lovejoy serves the downtown community with the class-act customer service and mouth-watering, filling pizza.

Hydraulic Hearth

Hydraulic Hearth / Photo x Mandy Bly @buffalopizzablogger

3. Hydraulic Hearth

716 Swan Street, Buffalo

A little further out into Larkinville, Hydraulic Hearth helps the resurgence of Buffalo’s first business district. Their large outdoor patio and lawn games they have set up make Hydraulic Hearth a great place to get pizza for lunch in the summer months especially.



D’Avolio’s / Photo x Mandy Bly @buffalopizzablogger

4. D’Avolio’s

535 Main St, Buffalo

Because of smaller size and limited lunch hours only, D’Avolio’s is quick to miss on Main St. in the heart of downtown. This olive oil company keeps the theme alive in the restaurant’s style and cuisine. Their square-cut pizzas are big enough to share with a friend or to have solo (with some leftovers!).



D’Avolio’s / Photo x Mandy Bly @buffalopizzablogger

5. Hearth + Press

665 Main St, Buffalo

Priding themselves on their Neopolitan-style pizzas, Hearth + Press is a great lunch spot for eating outside of the office or just grabbing a quick slice. The pizzas are thin and crunchy, and their team has plenty of options of specialty pizzas to choose from.


6. Prima Pizza

396 Pearl St, Buffalo

If you’re looking for a quick slice to-go in a busy part of downtown (Chippewa and Pearl), Prima Pizza may be your place. Their dough is notoriously thick and fluffy, which could be just the filling lunch you’re looking for during the workday when you’re on the run.


Gino & Joe's

Gino & Joe’s / Photo x Mandy Bly @buffalopizzablogger

7. Gino & Joe’s

400 Main St, Buffalo

This hidden gem on the first floor of Mainplace Mall may be just the lunch spot you needed. Serving arguably the most authentic NY-style pizza in Buffalo, Gino & Joe’s showcases over a dozen pies to choose a slice from. Their assembly line counter service to shuffle the lunch crowd through their orders keeps things running smoothly.


Frankie Primo’s

Frankie Primo’s / Photo x Mandy Bly @buffalopizzablogger

8. Frankie Primo’s

51 W Chippewa St, Buffalo

Frankie Primo’s is the perfect choice for a mid-day glass of wine and pizza. This cozy, intimate restaurant has many red and white pizzas that appeal to any time of pizza mood you’re in. Going out to eat for lunch during the workday is nice, except for the fact that you likely have to back to work…

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Mandy Spencer</a>

Written by Mandy Spencer

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