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Written by Jessica Kelly

Published on January 26, 2016

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You’re driving down the road when you see a building labeled “Escape” or “Trapped.” It’s not like you see flares shooting through the roof, so what the heck is it? It certainly sparked our curiosity and after extensive research we’re pretty sure it’s just the next big thing in entertainment to pop in Western New York.
What is an “escape room” you ask? They’re basically interactive adventure games filled with puzzles and riddles that you work as a group to solve in order to meet your end goal: get the hell outta there (AKA escape) in under one hour. According to Perplexity Escape Room’s website, most escape rooms have a success rate between 20-35% which means there’s a good chance you’ll be stumped unless you bring a real smarty pants along. Is it just us or does a good challenge make everything more fun?
Here’s the full rundown on what to expect from escape rooms, plus all of your escape room options around Western New York.


Trapped – Buffalo Escape Room

2171 Sheridan Drive, Tonawanda  /  (716) 495-0002
Cost: $25 per person
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, book your time online.
While visiting Trapped you’ll be thrown into an exciting 4D escape room game.  While locked in the room you’ll be challenged to use clues that you’ll discover throughout the room and escape within 1 hour. While the rooms change themes every once in a while (because honestly, who wants to do the same room twice), Trapped generally offers 3 different rooms to choose from at a time.
“Room #9” takes place on April 4th, 1978. You’ve been traveling with your buddies when you’re suddenly forced to find shelter at an old hotel…but there’s a catch. There’s only 1 room available to rent and rumor has it, it has a dark past. You’ve been warned that no one survives more than an hour in the room, but apparently that’s not enough to stop your crew. After about a minute in the room you regret your decision to ignore the warnings.  You then have 60 minutes to escape before the horror behind room #9 consumes you.  You will need 4-8 players to participate.
“The Tomb” room brings you back to 1921, when you and a band of archaeologists set forth on a journey to find the legendary Tomb of King TutanKhamun. You’re given an authentic map which eventually leads you to the King’s tomb, only to find that leaving is much more difficult than entering. You will have 60 minutes to complete this or you will forever be lost. You need 4-10 players to embark on this adventure.  
For all of you Harry Potter fanatics, “The Wizard’s Keep” room is for you.  Moments after receiving you house assignment, you pick up on a plan to steal the Golden Snitch.  Cleary, you won’t stand for this, so you and your loyal friends decide to steal theirs first. You will need 4-8 players to schedule this room.

Escape Room Buffalo

290 Oliver St., North Tonawanda  /  (716) 249-1010
Cost: $25 per person
Hours: Hours change often.  To view available times, book your visit online.
Escape Room Buffalo is a brand new, real life, interactive puzzle filled with exciting circumstances that really allow you to get into the game. Their games can involve different stories with new themes, goals, and puzzles each time you visit. Expect to find hidden objects, get your creative juices flowing, figure out codes, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets on your mission to escape from the locked room within an hour.
“The Brewery 2” room is set up for a team of 3-8 people to help Uncle Arthur save the brewery from going bankrupt! The Prison Break room puts you and a team of 3-8 players locked in a room. After you’ve been wrongfully imprisoned, you’ll be determined to find a way out. Good luck with that one.
“The Prison Break” room is set up for your team of 3-8 people who are split up between two cells. With good communication, imagination, and a strategy you must escape the Prison before the clock runs out. 
“The Bank Robbery” room is meant for your team of 3-8 people must figure out how to rob the bank before the clock runs out. How hard can that really be?
“The Space Program” room is set up for you and 3-8 people to regain access from a Mission Control hacker. Can you save the two missions in time?

The Exit Rooms

3880 Abbott Rd, Orchard Park  /  (716) 646-8949
Cost: Thursday through Monday $25 per person, Tuesdays & Wednesdays $15 per person
Hours: MondayThursday 5:00pm – 11:00pm, Friday5pm-12am, Saturday 12pm -12am, Sunday 12pm – 8pm

In the “CSI:Buffalo Murder Mystery” your group will get an envelope with confidential material about a murder. Entering a taped off crime scene you begin looking for clues to unlock the evidence. You get 60 minutes to narrow down the list of suspects and identify the killer(s). In their second room, your team will enter the house that is, “Salem”.  You are given words to recite that in turn, free the people of the town.
Teams must include 4-8 players.  A $50 deposit will be required at the booking time to reserve your spot and the remaining balance can be paid individually when you arrive. Thursday through Monday it is $25 per person and Tuesdays & Wednesdays it is just $15 per person.  If you choose to book on a Friday, it is $25 per person, but that includes a free drink at O’Neill’s Pub next door (21+).


Lock & Key Escape Room

Lower Front Suite, 504 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo  /  (716) 262-0192
Cost: $25 per person
Hours: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: 12pm-9pm; Friday:1pm-10pm; Saturday: 11am-10pm; Sunday: 11am-9:30pm
Any Game of Thrones fans out there?  How would you like to live it?  In Lock & Key’s current room “The Quest for the Throne” sets a scene where you are set on a quest to find the true heir to the throne because one of his sons attempts to steal the throne after the King has been murdered. You have one hour to race to the throne and escape. More rooms are available on their website. Check out their website for booking details.

Queen City Escape Rooms

225 Louisiana St., Buffalo  /  (716) 208-9695
Cost: $25 per person
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 4:30pm-9pm; Friday-Sunday: 1:30pm-10:30pm
Queen City is bringing back the 90’s with their new escape room.  Slip on your jelly sandals, stuff your Discman in your fanny pack, and travel back in time to the hottest decade! You’ll work with a group of 7 others to crack nine puzzles that will each give you a clue to find the time machine.   No cheating with your smartphone; remember you’re back in the dark ages of massive Zack Morris phones and dial up internet. Blast some Spice Girls and solve the puzzles to get you back to the present.  The escape room is $25 per person for up to eight people at a time, and you can book on their website or through their Facebook page. For other cool rooms check out their website to get escaping!
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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Jessica Kelly</a>

Written by Jessica Kelly

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