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#hashtagstepoutbuffalo / Photo by @laurenspoth

How to get your awesome Buffalo photos featured on StepOutBuffalo.com

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook – what did we ever do without you? Aside from letting us follow (read: stalk) all of our favorite celebs, social media has given us a window into the eyes of our fellow Buffalonians and Western New Yorkers that lets us see our beloved Queen City in a whole new light. By combining places we know and love, those we don’t know but wish we did, cool events, creative angles, and some damn good filters (we’re looking at you, Valencia), our fave social media platforms paint a real pretty picture of Buffalo every time we go through our feeds. And now we want to show it -and you!- off.

Introducing Step Out Buffalo’s new weekly feature, #HashtagStepOutBuffalo. Starting now use #HashtagStepOutBuffalo on any and all of your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook photos that show off Buffalo in all its glory. Stumble across some really cool street art? #HashtagStepOutBuffalo. Wandering around a gorgeous historic building? #HashtagStepOutBuffalo. See a bomb-ass sunset? #HashtagStepOutBuffalo. Eating the best brunch you’ve literally ever had in your whole life? #HashtagStepOutBuffalo.

Every Friday we’ll publish a compilation of the week’s best shots so everyone can see how great Buffalo is and how great *you* are at capturing it.

Need Insta inspo? Check out The Best Buffalo Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following and 8 Amazing Buffalo Instagram Accounts You Didn’t Know Existed. #HashtagStepOutBuffalo.

Can’t wait to see the best photos each week? Check out all of ’em here!





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