Here’s Why Buffalo Ranked 5th Best City for Donut Lovers

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Written by Step Out Staff

Published on November 23, 2021
Photo courtesy of Paula’s Donuts

Wings, weck, pizza – these are foods we all expect Buffalo to get recognition for. Not this time, this time its donuts!

In a recent post on they determined the top 10 best cities for donut lovers. How did they do this? First by taking the 150 most populated cities in the country, then to come up with the top 10 they looked at the proportion of donut businesses in a city, donut businesses per capita, and donut businesses per density. #MATH


The end result? Basically the cities where you can’t travel very far without hitting a donut shop of some kind. A worthy list to make if you ask us.

Buffalo ranked #5 on the list where they mentioned the reigning donut Queen of the Queen City – Paula’s donuts. They mention favorites like Paula’s peanut sticks, a cake donut stick coated in peanut, classic sprinkles, Bavarian-style donuts, glazed and jelly donuts. If you haven’t had Paula’s, trust us these sweet treats are worthy of the hype.

But let’s be real, if sheer numbers is what counts we’re guessing Tim Hortons has something to do with the #5 ranking.

According to’s post, Buffalo has 18 donut stores per 100 residents. 😂

Read the full post/list here.

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Step Out Staff</a>

Written by Step Out Staff

A group of Step Out Buffalo team members worked together to create this post from research and writing to editing and imagery. Thanks for reading!
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