Hot Pot is One of the Most Fun Dining Experiences You'll Have in WNY

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Written by Jessica Kelly

Published on February 23, 2018

So you wanna know how to hot pot? You’re in luck because not only is it easy AF, but it makes for a fun group outing and fills you up! I can appreciate the whole quality over quantity thing some restaurants have going for them, but when somewhere offers both….that’s just freaking awesome. And my wallet appreciates it, too.
What is Hot Pot?
Hot pot is a kind of do-it-yourself dining experience. There’s a round indent in the table hooked up to heating devices.  The first thing you’ll choose is what broth you’d like. There’s tomato, mushroom, seafood, herbel and more! You can choose two different ones and they have a divider to keep them separate. They’ll bring out your broth, place the bowl in the indent and turn the heat on to bring the broth to a boil. That’s how you’ll cook all of your raw meats, seafood and vegetables.

Buffalo Little Lamb / Photo x Jessica Kelly

Buffalo Little Lamb / Photo x Jessica Kelly

The best bang for your buck tends to be the $25 buffet option available Monday-Thursday, but you’re welcome to choose things à la carte. All items are broken into sections with different selections underneath like meats, seafood, mushrooms (yes, mushrooms gets their own section), noodles, vegetables, and more.
Some popular items include the fatty beef ($7.99), the lamb ($7.99), the flounder fillet ($7.99), scallops ($6.99), shiitake mushrooms $2.99 for a small and $4.99 for a large), Chinese cabbage ($2.49-3.99), and the udon noodles ($4.99) just to name a few. They even offer unusual items like fresh pork intestine ($5.99-9.99), duck flippers ($5.99-9.99), fried round gluten ($2.99-3.99), and more if you’re feeling…um…super adventurous. I highly recommend throwing in a few orders of their crispy, scallion pancakes ($3.99) because they’re seriously amazing. Once you check off everything you’d like and hand in your menu, you can head over to the sauce bar.

Sauce Bar at Buffalo Little Lamb / Photo x Jessica Kelly

Buffalo Little Lamb / Photo x Jessica Kelly

For those delicious scallion pancakes you have to order, you’ll need sauce. They have an entire bar of different sauce options that you can use to create the perfect sauce combos. They have suggestions above the bar to try if you’re not sure where to begin. Some solid go-tos would be their Basic Hot Pot Sauce Combo which includes oyster sauce, sesame oil, minced garlic, fresh scallions, and peanut sesame crust or their Mongolian Sweet Sauce Combo with hoisin sauce, sesame oil, cilantro, and a pinch of sugar.
Pro tip: start light with the peanut sauce or sesame oil because they’re quite strong. You can always add more!
The meat and fish are brought out in thin slices that cook quickly, so you can kind of just go at it. Toss in your food, watch them cook, and enjoy!

Buffalo Little Lamb

3188 Sheridan Dr in Amherst
(716) 834-0218
Hours: Monday-Thursday from 4pm-10pm and Friday-Sunday from 11:30am-11pm / BuffaloLittleLamb

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Jessica Kelly</a>

Written by Jessica Kelly

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