How to *Actually* Shop for Healthy Food in WNY

ICYLUAR we’ve teamed up with our BFF’s at Quarter Deck Athletics to help make you a healthier, happier person in 2017 (and for forever, TBH). Being the healthiest, best version of yourself should always be a top priority, because after all We Only Live Once.

According to QDA, the most important things to do in order to be healthy are to make sure the foundation in your “house of gains” (see below) is solid. This means getting enough sleep, getting enough exercise, and having enough lean mass to “weather the storms” that unhealthy eating and drinking can bring. Once your foundation is solid, making sure to eat lots and lots of veggies is essential, followed by proteins, fruits, nuts, and healthy fats. Plot twist: FAT. IS. NOT. BAD. FOR. YOU!

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If you’ve seen our mini-series, which we do weekly with Dennis from QDA on our Snapchat and Instagram Story, you know how important it is to eat healthy. Like, actually eat healthy. Sorry folks, ‘low fat’ and ‘0 calorie’ stuff does NOT count (and we’ll tell you why in a minute). According to statistics and also our new favorite movie, Fed Up, about 80% of food sold in stores is unhealthy thanks to things like added sugar and chemical substitutes. Not only do these things make us gain weight, they affect our overall health and cause lots of problems in the long run.



Trying to decide which foods are best for you can sometimes feel like navigating a minefield, which is why we felt #blessed when Dennis came through to help us figure it out. Watch and learn as we make our way through Wegmans and decipher the actually healthy stuff from the pretending-to-be-healthy stuff.

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Let the 2017 Grocery Games begin! And may the produce be ever in your favor~

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