If You Vape or Are Considering Ditching Tobacco, Check Out This New Shop on Elmwood



Written by SOB Creative

Published on April 10, 2018

Photo courtesy of 180 Smoke


Hey vapers and all those who are considering making the switch, there’s a reputable new vape store in the heart of Buffalo worth checking out. Switching from combustion to vaporization is the future and actually easier than you might think, especially now with 180 Smoke around. They are currently offering a free electronic cigarette to those who switch if you trade in your last pack of cigarettes (at least half full).

New to vaping? Teaming up with pros at 180 is the best way to get started. The consultants at 180 Smoke can help you select an e-cigarette and flavor that is right for you to make the transition super simple and beginner-friendly. A starter kit from this shop sets you up with everything you need to walk in a smoker and walk out a vaper.

Experienced vapers – there’s plenty here for you, too! Powerful devices are plentiful at this local shop. Think tanks, RDAs, batteries, and high-powered mods for less $$ than you would believe. This place is always stocking reputable products from the best brands around, so quality is never an issue.

Photo courtesy of 180 Smoke

Photo courtesy of 180 Smoke

180 Smoke started in Toronto and has since grown to 15 stores with an emphasis on making vaping accessible and easy to understand. They decided to extend their business across the border by setting up the first U.S. shop right here in Buffalo. This cross-border relationship is a win-win for everyone involved.

Here’s what the 180 Smoke Vape Store in Buffalo wants you to know:

  • 180 Smoke makes their own e-liquids in Toronto in an ISO 7 clean-room facility to ensure quality, purity, and saftey.
  • Expansion plans are in the works. The goal is to make Buffalo the center for U.S. shipping, franchising, expansion, and possibly someday production.
  • Education is number one for them, and it’s not something you’ll find at every vape shop. 180 Smoke is committed to harm-reduction and knows education is the best recipe for success.

Photo courtesy of 180 Smoke

Did you know? Vaping is 95% safer than tobacco smoking according to a recent Public Health UK study, and not a gateway to smoking for youths according to a study at the University at Buffalo.

These facts make sense because e-cigarettes don’t contain tar, carbon, monoxide, or the many different chemicals released through combustion. Plus, e-liquid only contains four ingredients or less, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, food flavorings, and some contain nicotine.

If you already vape or have thought about starting, head to this vape shop on Elmwood in Buffalo. If there’s a vape product you need, chances are you’ll find it at 180 Smoke. If online shopping is your jam, favorite this website now. They have e-cigs, vapes mods, vape juice, portable vaporizers, vape accessories, aka everything a vaper could want. And remember, bring in your last pack of cigarettes to 180 Smoke at 1068 Elmwood for a free Cloudmaker Nano.


180 Smoke Vape Store

1068 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo

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Written by SOB Creative

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