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Written by Emily Morrow

Published on June 3, 2014


Last Updated: May 2015

Writing reviwes can get a little old sometimes, which is why we love starting a fun new series once in a while. Short and sweet, but seriously helpful is really what we’re going for with this food truck review series. (Mostly we’re just looking for an excuse to chow down way more than we should at Food Truck Tuesday) Look forward to a new food truck review every Tuesday morning/early afternoon. Why Tuesdays? You guessed it! To prepare you for one of our favorite events, Food Truck Tuesday at Larkin Square! Please remember, we’re not picky. If you’re a food truck and we bump into you at Larkin Square, taste test here we come! That includes Rochester trucks and any from other cities that start showing up. (We’re expecting them to start coming from all corners of the country sooner or later…)

Series Notes & FTT Tips

While it’s always a bummer to have the food truckers come out and cross a menu item off the list, we completely understand, that’s life. We won’t be whining about that. One major Food Truck Tuesday tip: Get there as early as possible if you want a choice from their starting menu. The event goes from 5 pm-8 pm. After about 5:30 anything goes with those menus. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it to stop by later in the evening. It just means you might have to be more flexible. If all else fails, grab another taco from Lloyd – they hardly ever run out. There’s always free parking (the parking garage is where it’s at), and this year Flying Bison will be hosting spill over food trucks during the same time(!), so don’t forget to wander down the street for what we assume will be a great time.


The Meatball Truck Co. from Rochester, NY

As you have most likely realized, this is a seat of your pants kind of operation and this series idea came to me a little bit after the fact. Therefore, we only tested out one menu item from this week’s truck – The Meatball Truck Co. I do, however feel that it’s a pretty good representation of the food because like many trucks, they basically do one thing a few different ways. That’s meatballs, Captain Obvious.

Meatballs call out to me in a crowd of food and people. I was like a moth to light. The first thing I noticed was the perfectly designed truck. Beautifully built with a clear purpose in mind – to be the best conceived food truck on the planet. Of course, I’m not sure if this is true, but I think it’s a possibility. I’m thoroughly impressed. You’ll find large windows that are easy to order/pick up from. Plus, you get overhead coverage pretty much the entire time you’re in line, and waiting for your order thanks to a huge awning. Rain, dying heat, you’re covered. Genius I tell you, GENIUS!

As is the case with most food truck menus, we were presented with only a few options. Again, not knowing the fate of this meatball taste test, we ordered only one item, Meatballs in a Cup. How can you go wrong? After a short line (so very rare), and a short wait (thanks to what I’m assuming is a pretty simple production line) we were greeted by 2 fresh ground Angus balls in house-made San Marzano marinara. On top was a generous hunk of soft ricotta cheese and a touch of basil. Tucked between balls was a nice buttered piece of toasted “Flour City bread” to soak up the tomatoey goodness.

Meat Ball Truck Co.

Meatballs in a cup

The cup was small, too small for the $7 price tag. The balls were good, made better with the added touch of ricotta and dipping piece. I would have liked to see a little more flavor coming from the meat seeing as this is a truck that does meatballs and meatballs only. That being said, the dish was very good. I’d get it again.

The rest of the menu consisted of a Meatball Sub ($7), described pretty much as a second version of balls in a cup using your fingers instead of a fork – 2 Fresh Ground Angus balls in a housemade San Marzano marinara with ricotta, basil on a flour city bun. The side dish option was Fresh Cut Truffle Fries – fresh cut marion potatoes, tossed in truffle oil, sea salt and parm cheese ($6). Larkin Square is now requiring that each truck have at least one “healthy option” in order to participate in Food Truck Tuesdays. With this in mind, the Meatball Truck Co. opted for an Organic Spring Mix Salad topped with feta, gala apples, cherry tomatoes, dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar ($5). Sounds tasty but personally I don’t come to FTT for healthy food. Good for those of you that are interested though.

I’d love to see some more creativity with the balls. I think that’s half the fun of food trucks. After looking at some of their photos on Facebook, I think it’s a possibility we’ll see some different, more exciting specials in the future. As far as the item I tried, I liked it, I’d go back for more and I’d say the fresh ingredients support the price even though I think it’s a bit steep. Let’s face it, this one item is not going to fill you up, which is not unique to the items at The Meatball Truck.

We won’t be reviewing any food truck drinks in this series. We drink the beer provided by Larkin Square while waiting in line and people watching.

Next time around we will taste a few more items and gather more visual proof now that we’ve established our summer-long food truck mission!


The Meatball Truck Co. Details

Facebook | Twitter | (585) 300-7010

Payment: Visa, Mastercard, Cash


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Written by Emily Morrow

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