La Nova – 28 Days of Pizza

la nova pizza buffalo

Day #1: La Nova

  Buffalo              Williamsville

371 West Ferry St.
Buffalo, NY 14213
SOB Listing
5151 Main St.
Williamsville, NY 14222
SOB Listing



Pizza Journal:

La Nova was the first place I visited. Being from the South Towns, this was my first time. And hopefully won’t be the last. I like this pie. Random placement of the pepperoni and all. The dough was soft, the pepperoni had a good strong flavor and the thin layer of cheese was surprisingly satisfying. It worked.


Tester Observations:

CRUST: very soft, flexible, slightly chewy

SAUCE: a lot of sauce, sweet, good

CHEESE: not much of it

PEPPERONI: good flavor, chewy, not TOO spicy


See where this pizza’s crust, sauce, cheese and pep fall on our observation meters. More importantly – what rating does it get on our LIKE-O-METER:

la nova pizza scale




Do you agree? disagree? Comments welcome below! We know this is a touchy subject…




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