Larkinville’s New Swan Street Diner Will Charm Your Pants Off

Swan Street Diner // Photo x Step Out Buffalo

We are all already aware that Larkinville is cool af with it’s killer events and it’s wood-fired pizza and it’s food truck friendly vibes. So when we tell you to try and imagine an even cooler Larkinville, it’s pretty hard to do – we know. What we’re trying to say is that it actually has, in fact, gotten even better in the past week thanks to a new little place called Swan Street Diner where the OJ is fresh-squeezed and the mimosas are poured all day, every day.

Larkinville welcomed a fully restored 1937 Sterling Diner to the neighborhood this week. The Swan Street Diner has been a work-in-progress for quite some time now, and after months and months of restoring the car’s interior and making a space for it next to Hydraulic Hearth’s idyllic beer garden, it’s open and ready for business. Hello, new favorite diner!

Swan Street Diner // Photo x Step Out Buffalo

Swan Street Diner // Photo x Step Out Buffalo

Swan Street Diner // Photo x Step Out Buffalo

Quick history summary– many many years ago, this same diner was housed in Newark, NY as the Newark Diner. It was one of the Sterling Diners custom designed by the J.B. Dudkins Company between 1936 to 1942. #themoreyouknow The Zemskys took it upon themselves to bring it here to Buffalo and make it great again. We dig it. We dig it hard. Here’s why:

Reason #1: The Coffee

Can’t start your day without a caffeine fix? Good news– coffee is brewed fresh, hot, and heavenly every morning and the beans are roasted nearby at Undergrounds Roastery. #supportlocal

Reason #2: The Mimosas

Time to raise a glass and pop, fizz, clink! This diner is pouring bubbly with a splash of freshly squeezed OJ all day, every day. We said FRESH. SQUEEZED. OJ. We said ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. #brunchgoals

Breakfast Taco #2 at Swan Street Diner // Photo x Step Out Buffalo

Hash at Swan Street Diner // Photo x Step Out Buffalo

Pumpkin WaffleSwan Street Diner // Photo x Step Out Buffalo

Reason #3: The Options

Choose your favorite because Swan Street Diner is serving breakfast and lunch from open to close. Yes, that means ordering a burger at 7 a.m. is 100% acceptable and 2:30 omelets are totally a thing.

Reason #4: The Sugar

Fact: Every meal tastes better with a little bit of sugar. Glazed, cinnamon, and powdered sugar mini donuts are on the menu. We’ll take one of each please! Donuts + milkshakes = Insta/snap game goals. Hint, hint… #hashtagsteoutbuffalo

Swan Street Diner // Photo x Step Out Buffalo

Swan Street Diner // Photo x Step Out Buffalo

Swan Street Diner // Photo x Step Out Buffalo

Reason #5: The Whole Look

This place is ridiculously insta-worthy and snap-worthy. Details were not lost in this restoration process and for that, we are eternally grateful. In fact, the interior enamel panels, bar stools, and wood trim are all original. Plus, the famous Larkinville art adorns walls for the most epic selfie backdrop you’ll probably ever find in a diner. Hanging out here is like stepping back into the late 30s, and we’re a fan – who knew. 

But really, trust us when we say this diner should be next on your local restaurant bucket list. Just look at that menu and try not to drool.


Swan Street Diner

Now Open

Location: 700 Swan St., Buffalo, NY

Hours: Open 7 Days A Week, 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Phone: (716) 768-1823




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