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Written by Christina M. Abt

Published on March 5, 2014

He weaves musical phrasing in a style that he labels, “Lego structures and play doh choruses”.  His creative inspiration comes from reading…everything from newspapers to works of classic literature.  And as Buffalo’s own, Mad Dukez (Mamudu Kargbo) rises to the top of the hip hop music world, he describes his unique talent as a pure blend between his love of literature and his passion for rap music.

Dukez credits a creative writing class at Williamsville North High School for the jump start in translating his literary thoughts into musical rhymes and form.  From there he roamed Queen City neighborhoods, east side to west, incorporating everything he saw and felt into freestyling rhythms.  Advancing from Buffalo streets to performance stages across America, this talented musician quickly became celebrated for his ability to produce freestyle hip hop, seemingly, out of thin air.

Dukez’s latest CD release, Gettin’ Gatsby, was produced with accomplished Toronto music producer, Fresh Kils.  The music, promoted through the rapper’s own Deep Thinka Music label, quickly became the number one college charting album within a title that smartly references the rappers homage to his love of literature and the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic, The Great Gatsby.


Hear Mad Dukez in our Garage Deli video, here.


Written by <a href="" target="_self">Christina M. Abt</a>

Written by Christina M. Abt

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