Loud Silence @ Allentown First Fridays

Loud Silence at Glow Gallery at Allentown First Fridays in Buffalo, NY
Glow Gallery

First Fridays on Allen Street can be a great way to start off your weekend in Buffalo, and for those of us still easing out of work mode – the exhibits on display in the various galleries can be a great way to stimulate the mind ahead of some well-deserved leisure time.

This is exactly what photographer and local attorney Florina Altshiler is hoping to do with her Loud Silence exhibit opening at Glow Gallery this weekend.

Working for a time as a prosecutor in Alaska, Altshiler spent time up north contemplating both the serenity of nature and the ugliest parts of the human condition. It’s these exact contrasts that she’s bringing to Loud Silence.

While one of her previous exhibition covered the virgin landscapes of Alaska, Altshiler’s new exhibit is set to include breathtaking imagery from some of the most pristine corners of the Mid West and Europe. The exhibit sets these pristine scenes captured by Altshiler’s lens against quotes that represent some of the most repugnant and fragile parts of humanity.

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“I’m taking visual imagery and words you might hear and putting them together so you can see inside, or see beneath or beyond,” she told me in discussing Loud Silence over the phone. “When you look at a house and it’s pretty, you just see the house. What you might not see is some rich girl is getting the shit beat out of her, by her financial executive husband in their fancy mansion. We just see pretty architecture.”

“But if you see a picture of the gorgeous house next to a quote of ‘Bitch, you didn’t have dinner ready on time,’ now you’re forced to put the two things together,” she added.

Altshiler’s last exhibit, The Ugly Story of Beautiful Alaska, juxtaposed the scenic nature of Alaska with quotes pulled directly from criminal cases. With the new exhibit, Altshiler said she wanted to expand her scope to beyond the criminal justice system and the 49th state.

“Looking at this contrast across the world, nature stays consistently pretty and humanity stays consistently vile, or less controllable,” she said.

“This exhibit focuses on fragility, humanity, pain, suffering and emotion,” she said. “Nature is very concrete, while human nature is more abstract and more, ‘What’s emotion? What does this mean? Where are we going from here? Why are we here?’”

For more information, visit Glow Gallery on Facebook.


Loud Silence

Glow Gallery @ 224 Allen Street in Buffalo

Opening Friday April 3

6-9 p.m

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