Why Lunch When You Can Brunch? Every. Damn. Day. @ Remedy House

Remedy House Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s really nowhere else like Remedy House in the city right now. Sure, there are a handful of rad cafés with great food and coffee programs, but the addition of wine, beer, and low-ABV cocktails to Remedy House’s repertoire is what sets them apart from the rest. Oh, and not to mention, you will feel like you stepped out onto a portico in Europe while waiting for your food. Fast. Casual. Service with a smile. Where else can you achieve Nirvana without the rigamarole of making a reservation weeks in advance? The answer is: Remedy House.

Nestled right next door to Paula’s Paradise Wines, you can find yourself enjoying one of the city’s best Caesar salads and a Jambón beurre, sipping on a spritz. Or one of the most affordable in-house bottles of wine on the west side (we went with the Rhône, and we had zero regrets when it hit our lips).

Remedy House Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

Remedy House Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon



We each ordered a Caesar salad, and I went with the hummus platter while my friend chose the jambon beurre because you can’t go to Remedy House and not get that sandwich. The Caesar salad was a different version than what most WNYers would expect – a blend of softer lettuces, such as Bibb, and a dressing more focused on the citrus aspects of a caesar dressing rather than the creamy, anchovy-heavy sauce you find on most. I found it very pleasing, especially with the contrast of the crunchy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside croutons.

Remedy House Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

When you think of hummus platters, you think of farm-fresh veggies, warm pita, and creamy, salty hummus. Remedy House delivered, along with a bonus, at least in my book – a generous helping of roasted garlic mixed in with the hummus. As for the star of the show – jambón beurre. The sandwich you always knew you wanted but never really needed. And now you want it – ALL. THE. TIME. Tender ham with cultured butter and salt, all stuffed between an Elm Street French baguette of the perfect consistency. You’re welcome.




Remedy House Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

Then there’s the pastry case. Sundays call for donuts. Glaze-crusted pillows that melt in your mouth. What more could you ask for, guys?! Well, croissants. That’s what more you could ask for. Or savory brioche. Or quiche. Or biscotti. Your remedy lives at 429 Rhode Island. Just think of it next time you’re in the mood for brunch or lunch – any day of the week.


Remedy House

Location: 429 Rhode Island St., Buffalo, NY 14213

Hours: Mon. – Thur. 6AM – 10PM, Fri. & Sat. 6AM – 11PM, Sun. 6AM – 3PM

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