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Written by Maria Held

Published on October 17, 2014

Have Yourself, A Sexy Little….Halloween?

OooooOOOOOoooooO (Insert the sound of crackling leaves, howling wind, and the shrieks of screaming children here)…. It’s that time again Buffalo!  The time of scary nights, haunted frights, and an overabundance of sugary confections (or for us adults, alcohol…).  I know you have A LOT of costume ideas- sexy nurse, sexy vampire, sexy superhero, sexy ninja, sexy (insert just about anything here).  I bet you’re also wondering, “Hey Maria! What’s the best way to make my costume fantasy a reality?”  I see your struggle Buffalo.  Should you sell a kidney and head to Party City?  Venture into the shelves of the unknown at a thrift store?  Or, run to Michaels, channel Martha Stewart and get sewing?  No matter your plan-Let’s Step Out Buffalo, to my list of the best costume strategies, because whether you want to be a sexy zombie, sexy kitten or sexy corn-cob, SOB is here to help you make it happen!


UGH! I Stitched Through My Finger!

Been there, done that Buffalo…twice.  But a little blood still won’t keep me from working on my own original costume this year.  Maybe it’s the actor in me, but there’s nothing like designing my own disguise for a dastardly night ahead- even without the skills of a cosplay champ.  If you’re not a natural pattern-drafter you can start with already made pieces and add on with homemade accessories.  Embellishments like wigs, patches, fabric, or a little sparkle cost very little and can take a mass-produced mess and morph it into a masterpiece.  You can purchase add-ons from the dollar store, grocery store, and craft store or just about anywhere.  Don’t you think that chef’s ensemble would look a little better with actual fruits and vegetables?  (Also useful in fighting a sugar coma!)  Wouldn’t your zombie look a little more undead with some dirtied cloth and gnarly makeup? I’m certain that your Batman look would be better with stitched rubber or vinyl than with (mediocre) polyester from the usual costume places.  Think about it Buffalo.  If you’re not up to the task there’s always……


Where Sexy-Veggies Are All the Rage

Ah, Party City, Buffalo favorite since as long as I can remember.  Sexy food costumes are THE HOT COSTUME this year, in case you haven’t heard.  (No, I am not making that up.)  For about the price of a dinner at Salvatore’s you can paint the town orange and black dressed as Chinese take-out or a sexy hamburger.  For those of you who enjoy the quality of Party City or its pop-up competitor, Spirit Halloween, you can also keep an eye on The Buffalo News.  Both stores run Sunday ads with (somewhat) valuable coupons to keep the scream in your Halloween night while taking the agony out of opening your wallet.  Party City is also nifty for candy deals, Halloween “dead-cor”, or those lame “scary sounds” CDs that still manage to make me feel more nostalgic than terrified.  If you have a little extra money, and want something of a professional quality, consider Betsy Ross costumes in Clarence, NY.  They outfit a number of theatre companies in the area, so you know they’re top-notch.



> FIND BETSY ROSS COSTUMES  | 9670 Main St. Clarence, NY


Amvets, Salvation Army and Goodwill Oh, MY!

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it folks!  I know plenty of Buffalonians who wouldn’t even set foot in a used clothing establishment (or at least wouldn’t admit it).  Plus, there are already a ton of scary items to be found at thrift stores….you’re half-way there. In all honesty, there is no shame in recycling old garments.  Some of the best costumes have come from repurposing old items and turning them into something new and beautiful.  There are a number of benefits to patronizing thrift stores for Halloween.  You can be thrifty, help a great cause, and find outlandish items that up until recently have been hidden in the recesses of someone’s attic or basement.  Some costumes just lend themselves to thrift-store digging.  Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas is meant to look ragged and overstitched.  Why waste money on wrecking new clothes, when your zombie can start with old clothes and make them more terrifying from there?  Combine your thrift-store purchase with my own personal theatrical blood recipe (red, green, and blue food coloring mixed with chocolate syrup, and cornstarch…avoid dish detergent…it makes it easier to clean but, it does NOT taste good) and you’re sure to have a howling good time this Halloween.


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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Maria Held</a>

Written by Maria Held

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