Epicurean Delights: Martin Cooks by Martin Danilowicz


Martin Danilowicz does not have the title, “Chef”, preceding his name.  Nor did he season his cooking skills at a culinary institute.  Rather this food wizard’s talent for creating epicurean delights has evolved from his lifelong passion for food.  He is, quite simply, a natural at imagining and preparing meals that people enjoy. Enjoyment is Danilowicz’s primary goal at his restaurant, Martin Cooks.  To guarantee that standard, the owner/cook of this West Side Buffalo restaurant has created a uniquely intimate ambience and a dinner service to match. Wednesdays through Saturdays, Martin Cooks offers two dinner seatings at 6pm and 8:30 pm.  Diners feast around the restaurant’s expansively comfortable bar, which accommodates a maximum of 12.

View from the bar at Martin Cooks

On the other side of that bar Danilowicz and his kitchen staff operate in all of their culinary splendor, grilling, cooking, plating, serving…and most interestingly, interacting with diners as their meals are prepared.  In fact there are a couple of chairs right in the kitchen for those desiring an up close and personal food prep experience.  It’s kind of like hanging out with friends in your kitchen at home…which is exactly the way Danilowicz envisioned it. Martin Cooks offers a new dinner menu each week, offering only those dining options for all four nights.  As a new week begins Danilowicz starts again, pairing the daringly imaginative food combinations that satisfy his culinary vision as well as his diner’s palates.  There is also a select, take-out menu of Martin Cooks soups and main courses available at a charming gift shop adjacent to the dining area.  Eat in, or take home, there is no question that Martin Danilowicz definitely does know how to cook.

To deliver the intimate and personal dining standard of Martin Cooks, reservations are strongly recommended.  When making reservations diners can inform the staff of specific food allergies or dietary concerns.  For more information on Martin Cooks check out their SOB Listing or www.martincooks.com.





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