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The Ultimate Guide to Upcoming Meat Raffles Around WNY

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Written by Step Out Staff

Published on May 9, 2022
Meat Raffle

Looking for a long list of potential meat-focused events happening this weekend in Western New York? You’ve come to the right place. If you already know the details of what exactly a meat raffle is, feel free to skip ahead to the below list of upcoming raffles happening across WNY. If not, keep reading.

Finding yourself saying WTF is a meat raffle at least twice a week? We’re here to help. First of all, you should know there are two websites dedicated to listing meat raffles in the area Wnymeatraffles.com and Meatraffles.com. We. are. shook.


So, what’s a meat raffle you ask? A quick Google search will tell you that it’s a tradition of raffling off meat, often in pubs and bars, common in Britain, Australia, in some areas of the USA, and in Western Canada. In Western New York specifically, the events are often put on by a non-profit as a fundraiser, with a low admission fee usually including food and beer. Most of the time these events are held in a VFW, school cafeteria, fire hall, or something like it. To get an explanation on how these wild – IMO – events work, we had to dig a bit deeper than the first page of our Google search results.


Here’s how it works according to Meatraffles.com’s “What is a Meat Raffle?” page:

“Once you have gotten in the door, got a beverage, and found a seat and or table, the waiting begins. As the seats fill, the more and more competition arrives. During this time, it is good to formulate your plan of attack. Depending on the number of the people you have coming with really plays on your ticket buying strategy. Once a meat raffle around the Buffalo area starts, it’s a whirlwind of ticket selling and buying. If anything comes close to the markets in Damascus, this is it!!!

Buying the raffle tickets is the whole reason that you are at a meat raffle in the first place. To win meat, you need a ticket from a ticket seller, or “runner”. The tickets in most raffles range from numbers 1 to 120, with a high and a low. Depending on the wheel, some raffles offer 3 numbers to a ticket, ranging from 1-240. The amount of raffle tickets that you buy ranges from 1 per round to 5+. Obviously the more numbers that you possess, the more chances that you have to win.

Myself and group of close friends who have frequented raffles have seen it all. Dropping $80.00 dollars in a night and coming up blank, while your friend who has bought 1 ticket a round has now won 5 times. It really all comes to the spin of the wheel. Once all the tickets have been sold, the person running the raffle gets the wheel spinning. The wheel has the same numbers that correspond to the numbers on the tickets. Here’s where the easy part comes in.


Once the wheel stops on a number, you win! Simple as that!!! It really is a massive game of chance!!!

Here is where coming with a good group of people is basically necessary. Now, I am not saying that someone could not have a good time at a meat raffle without a large group, but it certainly adds to the enjoyment. The more people you have, the more tickets the people in your group are getting, and what SHOULD happen, is that your group should win a good chunk of the time.

There are usually 4-6 or more winners in each round. And there are 20 or so rounds per meat raffle. Each round more often than not, has 3 spins. So, I know there is a lot of math here but try and stay with me…

The Math: $6.00 max to get in the door, 1 dollar for a ticket that is good for 3 spins, 20 rounds or so per meat raffle.

So…if you were to pay the bare minimum of 26.00 dollars, you get a sandwich or piece of pizza, unlimited alcoholic drinks, soda, or water…….and a great time with friends, hoping for the next big win!”

Again, Shook. What a time to be alive.

Did we miss one? Have your own meat raffle coming up? Add your meat raffle to our listings for free here!


Virtual Meat Raffle – Literacy Buffalo Niagara

Fri, May 20
All Day



WE HAVE MAJOR BEEF WITH LOW LITERACY! Join Literacy Buffalo Niagara for our first ever Virtual Meat Raffle! All proceeds from the event will go directly ...

Rural Outreach Center Meat Raffle Hosted by Caitlynne “The Meat Queen” Kesty

Sat, May 21
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Jamison Road Firehall
1071 Jamison Rd Elma, NY 14059

South Towns

Meat raffle ...

Kappa Upsilon Zeta Meat raffle

Sat, Jun 4
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Knights of Columbus Hall – NT
755 Erie Ave North Tonawanda,, 14120

Niagara County

Doors open – 6 pm First spin – 7 pm $15 admission Includes unlimited beer, wine, and soda BYO Snacks, Friends, and Dollars Reach out to ...


Did we miss one? Have your own meat raffle coming up? Add your meat raffle to our listings for free here!

Written by <a href="https://stepoutbuffalo.com/author/step-out-staff/" target="_self">Step Out Staff</a>

Written by Step Out Staff

A group of Step Out Buffalo team members worked together to create this post from research and writing to editing and imagery. Thanks for reading!
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