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Published on January 13, 2017

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JCC App - Myfitcode
In addition to a massive snowfall, there’s one other thing you can count on always happening in Buffalo in January – the local gyms and fitness centers will be packed with people either trying to lose the pounds they gained over the holidays or pursuing a New Year’s Resolution to become healthier for 2017.
The influx of “Resolutioners” can be maddening to some people and the folks over at the Jewish Community Center know this. To help make more sense out of the New Year’s craziness, the JCC is now providing a free fitness app to its members.
The MyFitCode app allows users to create personalized fitness plans based on both their personal information and the fitness equipment available at the JCC.
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“We decided to launch MyFitCode in January, with all the Resolutioners coming in,” Bob Lajeunesse, general manager at the JCC’s fitness center in Buffalo, recently told Step Out Buffalo. “It’s also to give an added benefit to membership here at the Jewish Community Center.”
Of course there are a lot of fitness apps out there, and many of them are pretty good. The MyFitCode app sets itself apart by being customized to the equipment available at the JCC. This means more workout options to pick from quickly and easily – which can be invaluable during these busy days at the gym.

“With any exercise, it gives you options,” Lajeunesse explained. “Let’s say you’re doing an ab workout, it’ll give three different exercises that you can do. So if the abdominal machine is in use, you can nix that and it’ll go to the next option, which might say, ‘Hold a 30-second plank.’”
“Or, you may have an issue with a certain exercise that bothers your back,” he continued. “So then you know, ‘I can’t do this one, so I’ll go to the next one.’”
As you start to get into a weekly workout rhythm and get into better shape, you can also change your fitness goals in the app, and the system will create new fitness plans for you.
In addition to being both motivational and organizational, the app also helps people who may be reluctant to seek help from others regarding their workout routine.
“You know a lot of people have a fear of walking into the unknown, maybe it’s their first time at a fitness center, and they might be a little reluctant to ask people questions for fear that they might not look like what they’re doing,” Lajeunesse said. “This app will design basic workouts for them and get them more involved in their fitness regimen, where in the past, they might have been more reluctant to get their questions answered by somebody.”

In addition to launching a new app, the JCC is also enrolling members for its Operation 90 Days fitness competition. The “Biggest Loser”-style competition has members sign up as teams for 12 weeks with a trainer. Prizes are awarded to the team, individual female and individual male with the greatest weight loss.
The JCC is also probably one of the most family-friendly and community-oriented gyms around. So if smartphone apps and competitions aren’t your thing, you can still sign up to enjoy working out in a welcoming and supportive environment.
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