Midtown Kitchen: Brunch with a Side of Elmwood

Midtown Kitchen Brunch

Midtown Kitchen / Photo by Adrianne Salmon

MTK Facts

451 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222  /  716.322.1960

Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Friday 11am – 2am, Saturday & Sunday 10am – 2am

Lunch Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11am-3pm, Dinner Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 5pm – 10pm, Friday & Saturday 5pm – 12am, Sunday 5pm – 9pm

Brunch Hours: Saturday & Sunday 10am – 3pm

Price: $$  /  Cuisine: American

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The Dish

MTK (Midtown Kitchen) opened up in late May in the space that used to be Nektar. The building has endured quite the makeover and looks aesthetically pleasing to the naked eye from your average Joe cruising down Elmwood. It has a modern feel inside and out, and though I do love a nice rustic vibe paired with a great brunch, the sleek atmosphere that owner Charlie Baron and Co. developed is refreshing.


Midtown Kitchen / Photo by Adrianne Salmon

Midtown Kitchen / Photo by Adrianne Salmon


The Story

On a beautiful Saturday morning, my brunch partner in crime and I set out on foot to check out the new MTK on Elmwood. Upon arriving, we were delighted to a find a perfect table for two tucked right inside the open air entrance. Of course, our initial instincts were to peruse the cocktail list and get funky, but we decided to stick to the brunch basics and ordered mimosas, which were perfectly concocted, meaning almost no OJ. Warm breezy afternoon + the fresh fizz of a mimosa hitting our lips = starting off on the right foot.

On this particular morning, we were in the mood for some real hearty brunch dishes. Okay, I’ll be honest, that’s every morning. MTK’s brunch menu has some dandies of the sort on it, and deciding on two entrees was not an easy task. Our server was very helpful in our decision process – she knew the menu well and had some great recommendations for us. We quickly made it clear that we don’t play games when it comes to brunching. We contemplated a few different options to act as an appetizer but our entrées were going to be so filling and savory that we decided against it. We were right.


Midtown Kitchen / Photo by Adrianne Salmon

Lobster Benedict / Photo by Adrianne Salmon

We ordered:

“Lobster Cake Benedict”: Two poached eggs over two 3oz. lobster cakes sitting on top of Johnnycakes, drizzled with a saffron-hollandaise

“The Morning After”: Sliced hanger steak, bacon jam, pickled jalapeños, two fried eggs, served between two bacon and cheddar pancakes, with a maple drizzle

The “Lobster Cake Benedict” was a gorgeous plate, kudos to the chef. The lobster cakes tasted fresh, and the hollandaise was creamy and delicious. The johnnycakes are mini corn cakes that the lobster cakes sat on top of, a perfect substitution to the usual english muffin. The poached eggs were a little overcooked, but that’s okay because the hollandaise was there to provide the creamy goodness every Benedict should have.

The Morning After, Midtown Kitchen Brunch

The Morning After / Photo by Adrianne Salmon

“The Morning After” could have easily been shared by more than two people. The cheddar bacon pancakes were big, fluffy and an entrée by themselves. We swapped bites between those and the delicious chunks of steak and hey – I’m alright with that. The pickled jalapeños added a nice touch of spice and just when you thought there were only three flavor aspects to this dish, you could smear a little bacon jam onto your next heaping forkful of pancakes. MTK did a nice job with this plate, and calling it “The Morning After” only makes sense because it will heal your body when it’s screaming for a filling dish to soak up the excessive amount of drinks you had the night before.

Now can you see why we just couldn’t fathom ordering an appetizer? They would have had to carry us out on a forklift because we ate every last bite of these decadent dishes. We waddled out of there with full tummies and already anticipating our next visit to try some of the other enticing options they offer. It’s nice to have the opportunity to indulge in the dishes we chose, but cheaper items like the MTK wrap, ham ‘n cheese breakfast sandwich, and the smoked salmon bagel will surely be in the plans next time. Overall, MTK’s brunch is one worthy of a visit from anyone looking for a chilled out weekend brunch. Bonus points for having Saturday brunch!


Review Assistance by Rob Joslin


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