Misuta Chows’ New Brunch Hits the Spot When You’re Hungover And/Or Ready to Party

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Written by AdrianneSalmon

Published on August 9, 2019

Misuta Chows Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

Having spent many late nights at Misuta Chows just throwing back a couple pops with my homies, I was stoked when my good friend and colleague asked if I wanted to partake in a little Sunday Funday action to enjoy their newly implemented brunch. I also only had the pleasure of laying my eyes on their patio that was built this summer but had not yet been able to hang out on it, so when this chosen Sunday also happened to be a perfect 78-degree Buffalo day, I was in my glory. 

On this particular day, I was in the mood to party so I ended up having four cocktails. This really only happens when I know the drinks are going to be well balanced and delicious so hats off to Jay Wood, Tommy, and the bar team. I started with the Bloody Marimoto – shochu, japanese seven spice, wasabi, yuzu, yellow sriracha, and katsuobushi salt. It was one of the best bloodies I’ve ever had! 


Tokyo 75 at Misuta Chows Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

The Tokyo 75, a riff on the French 75, put shochu in place of gin and sparkling sake in place of sparkling wine. The sparkling sake mimosa also replaced the sparkling with sake and added a touch of yuzu to balance out the tartness which worked perfectly. The Sakura Fitzgerald made good use of Lockhouse’s Sakura Gin, which happens to be my very favorite product of theirs, so it was a bright ending to a tipsy Sunday afternoon. 

It’s abundantly clear that a lot of thought went into the variety of menu options for the Chows brunch. Between it being approachable to our old school Buffalonians with items like steak & eggs, burger, and salads as well as appealing to the more adventurous eaters, I’m confident that you could visit with a pickier eater and leave satisfied with your overall experience. 

Misuta Chows Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

My friend and I chose a bit of a variety – the miso ramen, the watermelon poke bowl, the Misuta hash, and a side of fried rice, because, well, fried rice. My mouth was watering for the disco fries (fried avocado, japanese bbq sauce, crisp pork belly, pickled veg, egg, tempura scallion and spicy mayo) but the night before was a sunriser so I arrived too late and they were already out of them. Next time! 


Miso Ramen at Misuta Chows Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

Watermelon Poke Bowl at Misuta Chows Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

And yes, there will be a next time. The fried rice was wonderful and cured my hungover little heart. The veggies on each dish were fresh, crunchy, and full of savoriness to balance out the other aspects of the dishes. The miso ramen had great flavor with the mushrooms and wakame which overshadowed the fact that the noodles were just a tad overcooked. The proportion of ingredients in the hash was perfect and there was a generous helping of the king crab as well as the pork belly. What seemed initially to be an odd mix ended up having just the right amount of earthiness, sweetness, and meatiness to it. 


Misuta hash at Misuta Chows Brunch / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

Ultimately, it’s the beverage options and the little touches that make the Chows brunch one worth going back to. Soy sauce in pony bottles, yellow sriracha, okra on the bloody garnish, and so much more. And I didn’t even touch on the arcade and bar games! If you’re looking to really get down on Sunday Funday – Misuta Chows is the place to be. 


Misuta Chows Brunch

Location: 521 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14203

Hours: Brunch served Sundays 11am-2pm 

Social: Facebook, Instagram 

Booze: Yes

Patio: Yes

Written by <a href="" target="_self">AdrianneSalmon</a>

Written by AdrianneSalmon

Adrianne is the face behind the @buffalobrunch Instagram and she's enthusiastic about the up-and-coming food and drink scene in Buffalo. When she's not brunching or writing about it you can find her behind the pine at Ballyhoo. Adrianne enjoys yoga, cycling, and snowboarding to work off all of the Bloody Marys and pancakes.
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