Mooney’s Just Opened in Williamsville with 17 Different Massive Mac ‘n’ Cheese Dishes

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Published on May 31, 2018

Photo courtesy of Mooney’s

If you’re macaroni and cheese obsessed, a trip to Mooney’s should be on your foodie to-do list. FYI: there are nine Mooney’s locations, with a brand new location now open in Williamsville.

Mooney’s is self-described as “Home of the Mac and Cheese” and for good reason. The mac itself is unreal, the portions are massive, and there are 17 varieties to try.

For obvious reasons, mac and cheese is 100% Mooney’s claim to fame, and the fame is well deserved. Even the Food Network agrees. Hope you’re hungry, Williamsville.



The newest location on Transit Road is open for business and ready to WOW you. You’ll find Mooney’s inside the Eastern Hills Mall in the old Dave and Busters. First timers, you can’t go wrong with Mooney’s Original. Prepare to get hooked. Once you go Mooney’s mac, you may never go back.

Photo courtesy of Mooney’s

If you’re a Mooney’s pro (or just really, really adventurous), you have a lot of options. 17 to be exact. Including:

  • Regular(Mooney’s Original) Our original cheddar cheese mac, topped with Panko bread crumbs and baked
  • Buffalo Chicken Slow roasted, shredded chicken, tomatoes, hot sauce, bleu cheese, cheddar and macaroni crusted in Panko bread crumbs, and baked
  • Taco Ground beef, taco sauce, cheddar, mozzarella topped with crushed Tostitos and jalapenos, and baked
  • Kenny Pow Supreme Sausage, Onions, Green Peppers, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Pepperoni and Bacon, and baked. Mooney’s lost their builder and best friend of Mooney’s, Kenny Pow. They will donate a portion of all supremes sold to help put both his children through college…..Thank you!

  • Mooney’s Lobster Lobster Meat tossed with Mooney’s macaroni and mozzarella, and baked
  • Philly Cheese Steak Onions, mushrooms, chopped steak, cheddar and roasted red and green bell peppers crusted in Panko bread crumbs, and baked
  • Stuffed Banana Peppers It’s our famous stuffed peppers, mozzarella and our famous macaroni and cheese, and baked. Can’t go wrong“B.L.T.” Bacon and tomato, cheddar, and baked. OK, the “L” is for love

Photo courtesy of Mooney’s

  • Pizza Mac Pepperoni & macaroni tossed in a tomato mozzarella cheese sauce, and baked
  • Bacon, Cheeseburger Mac ’N Cheese Our FAMOUS Mac ’N Cheese with ground beef and bacon, topped with cheddar cheese and bread crumbs and baked
  • Cheddar Broccoli Mac ’N Cheese Fresh broccoli tossed with our FAMOUS cheddar Mac ’N Cheese, and baked
  • Three Pigs Mac ’N Cheese Bacon, ham and sausage tossed with our FAMOUS cheddar mac and cheese. and baked
  • Stinger Mac ’N Cheese Chopped steak, chopped chicken fingers, crumbly bleu cheese and hot sauce mixed into our FAMOUS Mac ’N Cheese, with cheddar cheese. Topped with panko, and baked…………………………………… Side $9.99 Whole $13.99
  • Bomb Mac ’N Cheese Chopped steak with Mooney’s stuffed banana peppers, mozzarella cheese and baked. …………………………………………………………………… Side $9.99 Whole $13.99

  • Rodeo Mac ’N Cheese Ground beef and pork. Topped with fried onion petals and barbeque sauce, cheddar, and baked…………………………………………………. Side $9.99 Whole $13.99
  • Beef on Weck Chopped fresh roast beef with our cheddar Mac ’N Cheese topped with Panko bread crumbs and a kimmelweck topping and baked….. Side $9.99 Whole $13.99

If you’re up for a challenge, order yourself a Rodeo Mac. This massive plate weighs in at over a pound. You get Mooney’s Original plus ground beef and pulled pork plus fried onion petals and barbecue sauce. Yeah, it’s a thing.

There’s a reason Mooney’s keeps opening locations across Upstate New York. People love the food. While Mooney’s is known for their mac and cheese, they have a bunch of other options on the menu including grilled cheese, subs, burgers, sandwiches, hoagies, wraps, wings, and more. If you’re all about the comfort food life and you don’t mind a food coma, Mooney’s is for you.


Photo courtesy of Mooney’s

Pro Tip: If your whole group loves Mooney’s mac, opt for a pack. Yes, you can order macaroni and cheese by the tray-full. Be sure to call ahead (by at least two hours) so they can prep your bundle of cheesy love.

This new location is super exciting for Williamsville, and def worth checking out ASAP. Click here to see their several other locations and their menus. You’ll probably find one near you!



4545 Transit Rd., Williamsville


Written by <a href="" target="_self">SOB Creative</a>

Written by SOB Creative

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