Most People Don’t Know About This Pick-Your-Own Flower Farm Hiding in Springville

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Photo courtesy of The Flower Stand

Raise your hand if you love ridiculously-fresh flowers all over your house! If you don’t raise both hands you’re 100 p lying your pants off.

Attention literally everyone: This incredibly cute pick-your-own flower farm in Springville is making dreams come true. The Flower Stand, as it’s so adorably named, will give you all the fresh air/nature vibes and is the *perfect* little day trip to take with just about anyone including but not limited to your mom, gram, BFFs, bae, self, dog-son, and so on.


The magical flower field is located just 2 miles north of the Village of Springville on Route 240 (Vaughn St.) – that’s exactly 40 minutes from Buffalo City Hall, 23 minutes from The Grange in Hamburg, and 48 minutes from the Boulevard Mall – and as you can see from the phots, is lined with rows upon rows of every type of flower you can imagine (or at least I can imagine), ranging in color, shape, and size.

Basically, it’s heaven on earth.

Photo courtesy of The Flower Stand

Here’s how The Flower Stand describes themselves on their website: “From June through the first frost of October we are open daily on a self-serve basis or by appointment. We start late in May or early June with a pre-picked display of rhubarb and perennials and gradually work our way up to a beautiful array of farm fresh flowers. At the peak of the summer of 2017 season, our farm had 127 varieties of annual and perennial flowers. Locally grown specialty cut flower bouquets are breathtakingly beautiful. You know where they come from and who to come back to for more.”


Photo courtesy of The Flower Stand

Photo courtesy of The Flower Stand

How It Works

When you get to The Flower Stand, you’ll start off by grabbing a pair of sheers provided for you at the front of the stand. Then you’re greeted by a wonderland of rows and rows of flowers and instantly struck with the beauty, colors, and scents of spring and summer. After that, go wild. Get creative and make your fresh flower dreams come true. You can cut as many or as few as you want. #goham In our experience, the pricing works as follows: two flower stems for $1, while the bigger flowers like the sunflowers are about $1 to $2 individually.


The owner of this magical little spot, Ellen, can also be of great assistance and can help you arrange your bouquet in any way your heart desires, or you can arrange it yourself! She provides all materials to do so at the front of the stand. The Flower Stand works on the honor system, and right before you leave there’s a mailbox right in the front of the stand to slip your money in for the gobs of beautiful flowers you probably definitely just picked.

Photo courtesy of The Flower Stand

Photo courtesy of The Flower Stand

This goes without saying, but the Insta and Snap picture/story opportunities are endless here…don’t sleep on ’em. And if you use #hashtagstepoutbuffalo your pics might be featured on our website/Insta/Facebook. 😉 Get it gurl.


The Flower Stand

Address: 13187 Vaughn St, Springville, NY 14141

Phone(716) 913-0626

Open: June to October on a daily basis

Self-serve basis or by appointment




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