Must Eat Burgers in WNY

Updated August 2015

So, I have a serious addiction and it’s pretty bad. It’s all I think about every week and I just can’t wait to get my hands on one. It’s juicy, delicious, and it makes my stomach oh so happy. Yes, you guessed it. I’m addicted to cheeseburgers! Every week we check out a new place to grab a burger. However, sometimes we don’t make it to a new restaurant because we fall in love with one specific burger and find ourselves going back for more. It could only be considered rude if I didn’t share my findings, so here’s a list of ‘Must Eat Burgers in WNY!’

Grover’s Bar & Grill

9160 Transit Road / East Amherst / Downtown  |   (716) 636-1803

Ask anyone in WNY where his or her favorite place to grab a burger is and the answer will most likely be Grover’s. Known for its 12 oz. plus Angus beef burgers that are topped with a wide variety of cheeses and add-ons such as grilled jalapenos, onions, bacon, bbq sauce, and blue cheese, there’s no wonder everyone is coming back for more. Grover’s is also unique in that the burgers aren’t even seasoned by hand. Their famous and faithful grill has been seasoned for more than 20 years and provides its own unique flavor to each and every burger. And, keeping up with Buffalo tradition, each burger is served on a Costanzo roll.



967 Kenmore Avenue / Kenmore / North Buffalo  |  (716) 871-1965

In the mood for a burger that is simply to die for? Well, check out Vizzi’s in Kenmore and you won’t be disappointed. This small tavern right in the heart of Kenmore offers an insanely good melt in your mouth burger with all the right fixings. It’s jam packed with flavors and served with a plethora of toppings. The establishment also serves a hefty amount of hand-cut French fries with their burgers, which is a great reason to visit Vizzi’s in itself.


The Library

4224 Maple Road / Amherst / Northtowns  |  (716) 831-3271

Located in the Maple Entertainment Complex, The Library is a hidden gem that serves one heck of a bacon cheeseburger that will give your taste buds a run for their money. The Library is mostly a bar atmosphere, but there are a few tables in the front and the back for dining. You literally feel like you are in a library without the quietness, but who cares because the food is what you are there for. The best burger to order is the bacon cheddar cheeseburger; it comes with fries and a very generous amount of cheese. The bacon is cooked to perfection and the bun is toasted, so you don’t have to worry about your meal becoming a soggy mess. Not to mention, The Library is located a few steps away from the movie theatre, so you can grab a bite before any flick!


Ruzzine’s Rock Bottom Eatery

6261 Transit Road / East Amherst / Northtowns  |   (716) 204-4004

Charbroil, charbroil, charbroil. That’s the secret to what makes Ruzzine’s Rock Bottom Eatery’s burgers so delicious. The family oriented restaurant prepares a 100 percent pure Angus beef burger served any way you like it with lettuce, tomato, and onion. It’s seasoned to perfection and placed in the middle of a Costanzo roll. And, if that’s not enticing enough, operators of Rock Bottom will make any kind of burger you want. From breakfast burgers to the stuffed pepper burger, there’s not any kind of burger that this place isn’t willing to serve.

Elma Towne Grille

6650 Clinton Street / Elma  |  (716) 651-4619

Want to try your luck in the Big Burger Challenge? Come on down to Elma Towne Grille and see if you can conquer their 30 oz. burger, 3 pounds of fresh cut fries, and a pop. If you finish the massive burger in 45 minutes or less, it’s free, and you get a t-shirt to take home! But, let’s be honest, a t-shirt and a free meal isn’t the only reason to come visit this casual and fun restaurant. The burgers they serve are phenomenal! Graciously seasoned and cooked on a flat top, these burgers will leave you dreaming about them for days on end. You can basically have any burger you want by building it yourself, but cheese, bacon, lettuce, onions, and tomatoes, will never steer you wrong.


Gabriel’s Gate

145 Allen Street / Allentown / Downtown  |  (716) 886-0602

Gabriel’s Gate offers a unique and classy atmosphere that one might not expect when walking down Allen Street. Their menu is quite extensive, but your best bet when ordering is to try their cheeseburger. When biting into this delicious piece of meat, you may find yourself thinking you are eating the filet mignon of cheeseburgers. I don’t know how they do it, but this is one heck of a meal!


Brennan’s Bowery Bar

4401 Transit Road / Williamsville / Northtowns  |  (716) 633-9630

If it’s Irish it’s gotta be good right? Well, the food at Brennan’s Bowery Bar certainly is anyways. No it’s not the fanciest place to dine, but it’s not the worst either. Brennan’s gives you that sort of Irish ‘Cheers’ feel in that many people who drink and dine there have been customers for years.  But, the best part about the joint is definitely the burgers. Have you ever had a burger with mashed potatoes on top? Brennan’s offers the St. James Gate, which is a Guinness marinated burger topped with mashed potatoes, and cheddar and bacon. Delicious!


Soho Burger Bar

64 W. Chippewa Street / Business District / Downtown  |  (716) 856-7646

Want a burger that is always fresh and never frozen? Then you must try Soho Burger Bar, a place that has mastered the art of creating the perfect burger. Located downtown, Soho Burger Bar gives you the fun vibe of being out for a good time without an outrageously expensive menu. Even the buns are specially made for Soho at Romeo’s Bakery. And while there are a few different choices of burgers to choose, customers also have the option of building their own burger, which is even more fun!

Allen Burger Venture (A.B.V.)

175 Allen St / Allentown / Downtown | (716) 768-0386

What can we say about Allen Burger Venture (ABV) that hasn’t been said already? The new gastropub is a collaboration among chef Dino DeBell, craft beer enthusiast Mike Shatzel, and professional rock musician Johny Chow and the triangulation of those three things – food, beer, and music – is what brings people though the doors of ABV. There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding one of Allentown’s latest openings, and if you’ve ever seen the crowds of people who flock here on a daily basis, it’s obvious that it’s for a good reason. Their burgers are as big in creativity and flavor as they are in size, and one step in the place and you’re surrounded by great music in quite possibly one of the coolest spaces in the Queen City. Check out our full review  if you wanna get really jealous.


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