5 Must-Try Gourmet Burgers at Hamburg’s Juicy Burger Bar

Weck Yo Self Burger at Juicy

It’s always burger o’clock at this newly renovated burger joint in Hamburg. There’s now a hugeeeee bar serving drafts on drafts and classic cocktails aka we’re so there.

After looking at Juicy Burger Bar’s menu, only 3 words come to mind — nom nom nom.

Basically, there are burgers and then there are BURGERS. From the quirky names to the piles of ingredients, this menu has got it going on. With so many choices you literally can’t go wrong, but it can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we got you. Here are our top 5 picks from Juicy’s menu:

Inside the new Juicy // Step Out Buffalo
1 Buffalo St // Step Out Buffalo

Pick #1: Hogzilla

Smoked bacon + whiskey BBQ = gimme, gimme that

Pick #2: Poutine Burger

Burgers and fries are just better together. And there’s gravy, ummm yes!

Pick #3: Weck Yo Self

Check yourself before you weck yourself. Kidding. Kimmelweck buns are always a go.

Pick #4: Chuck Norris Roadhouse

The name itself has us intrigued. Take a black and blue burger to the face? Challenge accepted.

Pick #5: 1 Buffalo Street

Pro tip: never say no to chip dip, especially when it’s on top of a ground bison burger.

Juicy Burger Bar is wholeheartedly embracing the toppings are everything logic, and we wholeheartedly support them in that endeavour. If you’re trying to silence those stomach growls and ditch the hunger pangs, a visit to Juicy Burger Bar is a must.

Did you know it’s been scientifically* proven that pigging out on a ridiculously delicious burger can actually make you 80% happier? Don’t believe us? Head on over to Juicy Burger Bar, and attempt to prove us wrong.

Hate burgers? Well, I’d be surprised if you were still reading, but love your commitment. No worries. This menu has chicken & waffles, mac n’ cheese, stuffed peppers, baskets of fries, and much much more.

Remember: Never say no to burgers.


Juicy Burger Bar

1 Buffalo St. Suite 101, Hamburg, NY

(716) 648-3200


*this is “technically” fake science


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