New Truck Alert: Mineo & Sapio Street Eats



Starting next week, (8/25/14) Buffalo’s food truck scene will expand to include street eats of the Italian Sausage variety.

The owner of Mineo & Sapio Street EatsMichael Pierro III is the son of Mineo & Sapoio’s owner since 1976, Michael Pierro II. After working at Mineo & Sapio and realizing his passion for the service industry, Michael decided a food truck was the perfect way to expand the family business. “I felt this truck would be the perfect vehicle (pun intended) to showcase several Mineo & Sapio products currently only available at our retail store located at 410 Connecticut St. I also am looking forward to showing the versatility of our products.”

We must say, we’re looking forward to trying the street eats they  come up with using Mineo & Sapio’s products as a base. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, one of our favorite parts of the food truck culture is their inventive, creative menus and techniques. Can M & S combine traditional Italian sausage with food truck worthy elements to create a balanced street menu? According to their opening lineup, we think the answer is yes. Check it out below.

We can’t say for sure where they’ll pop up in the near future, but we do know they have a few corporate lunches scheduled and plan to update the masses with their day to day location as they build their calendar using Twitter (@streeteatsbflo).


Here’s a peek at Mineo & Sapio Street Eat’s opening menu:

The Grinders

Choose Hoagie, Wrap or Bowl

  • The Italian Stallion -M&S Classic or Chicken Italian, fried cappicolia, pepperoni, onions, peppers and provolone cheese with our signature sauce,  $7.50
  • The Mexican Cousin – M&S Chorizo, onions, peppers, homemade salsa, cheddar cheese and chipotle aioli, $7.50  (sour cream available)
  • The Greek – M&S seasoned chicken, spinach, feta cheese, diced tomato and green olives with Greek dressing, $7.50

The Links

  • The Classic– M&S Italian Sausage served with onions and peppers, $6.50
  • The Royal-M&S Italian Sausage STUFFED with cappicolia and provolone cheese served with onions & peppers, $6.50
  • The Bird– M&S Chicken Italian Sausage served with onions & peppers, $6.50

The Sammiches

  • Chorizo Po’Boy –  M&S Chorizo, sliced tomato, dill pickles, red onion, chipotle aioli with your choice of shredded lettuce or fresh slaw, $7.50
  • The Grilled Veggie – Marinated zucchini, eggplant, red onion, red and green peppers grilled and served with pesto aioli and goat cheese,  $7.00
  • The BBQ Meatball – M&S meatballs done in a tangy chipotle BBQ sauce with fresh slaw and smoked gouda,  $7.00
  • The Stuffed Hot Pepper – Your choice of M&S STUFFED Hot Peppers served on a hoagie roll topped with melted provolone and diced tomatoes (feel free to mix the two), $6.50

The Peppers

  • The Royal Pepper – Hungarian banana pepper stuffed with M&S Italian sausage,cappicola and provolone cheese,  $3 or 2 for $5
  • The Cheesy Pepper – Hungarian banana pepper stuffed with Imported pecorino romano, provolone, ricotta, smoked gouda and blue cheese, $3 or 2 for $5


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