How The New York Times is Telling the World to Spend 36 Hours in Buffalo

Photo x Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

“Classic architecture, international cuisine, adventurous activities and serious art: This Western New York city is blossoming.”


The New York Times is totally obsessed with Buffalo. They’ve officially written two articles about how great our City is, and it’s like, tell us something we don’t know.



FINALLY Buffalo is getting the recognition it deserves. We love seeing places like Buffalo Riverworks, Hotel Henry, Las Puertas, and Buffalo Proper getting some love, and fingers crossed Buffalo soon becomes a destination a la Nashville, New Orleans, Chicago, and even NYC.



Amy Thomas, a columnist for the New York Times, explains how she fully utilized her 36 precious hours here in Buffalo. From our famous wings duh to our shopping to our everyday events/night-life/community, Thomas explains how the Queen City is quickly becoming a bucket list spot.

Some more v kind words from the Times:

“Is it the influx of immigrants from countries like Myanmar and Bhutan or the uptick in cultural investments? The transformation of the waterfront or the revitalization of local institutions? Or is it simply the food? Like many small American cities, Buffalo, which had early booms from various industries, including railways, shipyards and steel manufacturing, is shedding its rusty roots and experiencing a bona fide renaissance. No longer merely the portal to nearby Niagara Falls, Buffalo is a modern and multifaceted city, more than ready for its moment.”

Hey girl heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

Read more about Amy’s 36 hour adventure here in buffalo.


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