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Written by Claire Johnson

Published on December 5, 2017

Ashkers // Photo x Christopher Lestak

We’re introducing you to an Ashker’s unlike any other — an Ashker’s with an “old soul” according to Buffalo Rising; an Ashker’s that will soon have fresh pasta being rolled out in the front window; an Ashkers that is closed for business on Sundays, yet still open for hanging out and catching up with friends and family; a rustic Ashker’s with a cozy, gas operating fireplace — how much more do you need?! We’re introducing you to Ashker’s Black Rock, and it may be our favorite Ashker’s yet.
Along with the fresh pasta and homemade sauce made to order (coming soon), this location will be serving up Breakfast Burritos ($6), Egg & Pesto toast for $5, and Slow Cooked Oats for only $4 (!!) along with so many more freshly prepared choices. They’re even hoping to bring in sausages from neighbor Spar’s European Sausage Shop, embracing the heritage of Amherst Street. To drink, they have a tasty selection of hot beverages and a variety of freshly made smoothies, ranging from strictly fruity to wonderfully concocted combos of fruits, vegetables, and supplements. You can check out their full menu in its glorious entirety here.

As amazing as this new menu sounds, the best part about this new location is actually the atmosphere. According to Buffalo Rising, Ashker’s Black Rock is aiming to be far more than a quick in-and-out on your morning commute. They’re making cafe prices super reasonable, with options like coffee for $1 (!!!) or BOTTOMLESS in-house coffee for $2, ensuring that everyone can stop in and enjoy this community resource. And as we mentioned before, they’ll be closed on Sundays for business, but that doesn’t mean they’re doors will be closed to the community. They’re planning to have their doors open so people can come in, meet up, and just hang out while enjoying free coffee and baked goods. This Asker’s is determined to be a part of the community that they care so greatly about, and we absolutely love it.
Buffalo Rising stopped by this new location and spoke with the lovely people running it all (Angelo Ashker and Sarah Nasca), so head over to their article for all the juicy details.

Ashker’s Black Rock

414 Amherst St Buffalo, NY 14207
(716) 235 -8328
Hours: Monday to Saturday 6am – 9pm, Sunday closed.
Facebook  /
Update on Ashker’s on Main: this location has closed it’s doors. Read more here.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Claire Johnson</a>

Written by Claire Johnson

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