On Our Radar: Billy Club is Where You Go When You Wanna Feel 100

Written by SOB Creative
Published on January 26, 2017

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Billy Club

Shrimp and Grits / Photo x Corey James Harris

Billy Club may be new on the scene, but they came to us already perfected y’all.
ICYLUAR, Billy Club is one of the more recent additions to the Allentown scene, nestled amongst the likes of Nietzsche’s, DBGB’s, and Mulligan’s Brick Bar. But unlike its neighbors, Billy Club’s vibe is less college-town-USA and more omg-I-can’t-believe-this-place-is-in-Buffalo.
Allow us to explain ~ First of all, the vibe of Billy Club is Brooklyn meets San Francisco meets Toronto meets Buffalo. The restaurant itself is small, and when you walk in you can see the whole place no matter where you’re standing. Which is cool because 1) that means you’re not one of 200 in the place, 2) the service is impeccable and 3) it’s like, a nicer version of ‘Cheers’ and everybody knows your name.
Manhattan, Billy Club

Manhattan / Photo x Corey James Harris

Day Boat Scallops, Billy club

Day Boat Scallops / Photo x Jake Strawser

Next – the food. Billy Club is a scratch-made kitchen, which means they use the freshest ingredients possible and make almost everything in the restaurant themselves. 100 points to Gryffindor. It’s something the folks over at Billy Club are extremely proud of, and it’s thanks to their talented Chef, Scott Crombie‘s, extensive culinary background (aka the Culinary Institute of America, Hotel Lafayette, Buffalo Proper, Toutant, you get the idea) that they’re able to execute it.  Pro-tip 1: the menu is seasonal meaning it changes a lot, so go and go often. Pro-tip 2: get the House Grind Burger at least once. You’re welcome.

Ok now let’s get to the drinks (or as we like to call them, draaaanks). Billy Club’s beverage program is something they’ve worked v. hard to curate and are happy to offer excellent selections of cocktails, wine, and beer to us all. And let me tell you, their craft cocktails are 100. When you walk into Billy Club you’ll notice one of their biggest focuses, their Whiskey program, which is something they plan on continuing to grow. Which can we just say…HALLELOOOO! #blessed
Kill the Lights Cocktail , Billy club

Kill the Lights Cocktail / Photo x Ryan Delmar

Last but not least, their guest experience. The goal of Billy Club is for every single person who walks through the door to feel comfortable. *The ‘Cheers’ theme song continues to play in the background* Whether you’re sitting down for a bite to eat, enjoying a cocktail, or just grabbing a beer at the bar, Billy Club’s MO is being welcoming and approachable to any and every person who walks through their doors. I actually had my birthday here and not only were they super accommodating to our group but they also put super cute birthday candles in my cake and DIDN’T sing. It was a ~*~great~*~ birthday.

Billy Club

228 Allen Street, Buffalo, NY 14201
Allentown  / Downtown
(716) 331-3047
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