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Published on November 1, 2016

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Buffalo Abroad

Jackson Hole, WY

Ever wanted to travel the world, but didn’t know how? 🌎 
Okay so that may sound a bit hyperbolic, but in reality, not everyone knows how to go about traveling the world. For many of us humans, staying within our comfort zone comes as second nature, jumping feet first into the unknown for the fun of it doesn’t. 
Plus, if you’ve traveled anywhere from Disney World to Toronto or even Letchworth State Park, you know there’s no time to waste. It’s all about seeking out the best of the best that destination has to offer, and then digging in. Usually easier said than done, right? Unless you have someone there to show you the ropes. 👯

This is why a company like Buffalo Abroad  exists. When Mark Capenhurst decided to launch a group Travel Company out of Buffalo, his goal was to share the kinds of experiences he’s had while traveling around the world.
“I’ve had the absolute privilege to travel all across this fine Earth, experience amazing cultures, and gaze upon breathtaking landscapes,” Mark explains on “During this time, I’ve learned that traveling can take you out of any comfort zone, create deep connections with strangers, and teach you more about yourself than you could ever imagine.”
What exactly does Buffalo Abroad do? They take all of your questions / reasons / excuses for not traveling and squash ‘em real hard. In other words they take care of all the planning – the hard part – including flight, hotel, key transportation, and different add-ons depending on the trip.
For example, on their first excursion to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in January 2017 a 5-day lift ticket to Jackson Hole Ski Resort ⛷ is included in the trip package along with the usual flight and hotel, plus breakfast daily, a Wine and Cheese Welcome Party, family dinner one night, and various group-centered activities that allow you to learn more about other travelers and yourself.

These guys are like a travel agent who goes the extra mile instead of leaving you to fend for yourself, and we appreciate that. Sometimes you just need a little guidance in life to realize what you’re capable of, and Buffalo Abroad is a local company that can provide it. How cool is that?
To learn more about Buffalo Abroad and their upcoming trips head to and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
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Written by <a href="" target="_self">SOB Creative</a>

Written by SOB Creative

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