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Published on August 1, 2017

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TR Site / Photo x Step Out Buffalo

Buffalo sure does have a lot of history. One of our favorite historic gems: the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site.
To catch you up on a little history, President Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated right here in Buffalo more than 100 years ago after President William McKinley was assassinated on the grounds of the Pan-American Exposition. Within about a week, history was made at 641 Delaware Avenue. Learn all about President Roosevelt’s life, the presidency, and his legacy on a guided tour of the Site.

The Theodore Roosevelt Site is one of the most happening historical locations in the area. It holds tours and events often, sharing a love of history with Buffalonians. Here are just some of the things the Site has to offer:


Each tour takes you through the historic Wilcox House, where Roosevelt became President of the United States. Each room has been restored to be as historically accurate as possible to the days those historic events unfolded. A knowledgeable tour guide will take you through the history of the site, as well as Roosevelt’s life and the condition of the country then. You can experience a multi-media presentation in the Issues Theater focused on issues such as immigration, urban poverty, and race, seeing it from his point of view. Continue on to the second floor, and sit at the presidential desk, flip through pieces of legislation he wrote and compare your thoughts to his. This gives you a real feel as to how issues the country faced more than one hundred years ago aren’t so different from today’s issues.



The Site offers multiple events every week, aimed to please people of all ages. It holds “Speaker Nites” each month featuring discussions about current issues. This month’s speaker is a professor from Daemen College speaking about the President and the media. Other regularly scheduled events include TRivia Nites, architectural tours, adult coloring nites (with wine) and events for children, including Teddy Bear Story Hours every second Saturday of the month at 11 am.


Where: 641 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo
Hours: Monday + Wednesday-Friday 9 am – 5 pm, Tuesday 9 am – 8 pm, Saturday + Sunday 12 pm – 5 pm

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">SOB Creative</a>

Written by SOB Creative

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