6 of the Best Places to Get Pancakes in WNY

Pancakes, berthas

Pancakes from Bertha’s Diner / Photo by Adrianne Salmon

Updated June 2019


While we usually can’t wait to try the latest and greatest during our brunch adventures, we can’t deny the comfort in ordering the good ol’ pancake dish. In this post we’re going old school with 8 brunch/breakfast spots where you should seriously consider going the traditional route.

Friendly reminder: business hours and offerings change all the time, it’s always a good idea to call ahead and confirm things!

Brunch Spots with Bomb Pancakes

People are going to the following brunch spots for many reasons. And truth be told, pancakes are typically not the sole factor – especially if you love to try new and inventive things, which of course we do. But we’re man enough to admit that that’s not a very good reason to miss out on some of the best pancakes you might ever have. Believe it or not, we highly recommend having your (pan)cake and eating it too at these local brunch spots.



Photo by Adrianne Salmon

Campfire Grill

3003 Walden Ave, Depew, NY 14043

Get your cakes anytime: Sun: 7am-2pm; Mon: Closed; Tues-Thurs: 7am- 4pm; Fri: 7am-8pm; Sat: 7am- 4pm

Campfire Grill is one of the most delicious hidden gem breakfast spots in all the land and dare we say, the place with the best pancakes in town. They’ve got everything from old fashioned pancakes to s’mores pancakes to cinnamon roll pancakes any everything in between. Wear stretch pants. Read our full rundown of Campfire Grill here!


The Black Sheep Brunch on the West Side in Buffalo NY

Photo by Step Out Buffalo

The Black Sheep

367 Connecticut St, Buffalo

Brunch is served Sunday in the summer from 11 – 3

With a method that can only be described as magic, Ellen Gedra presents to you the fluffiest pancakes EVER. Any words I can muster up about them are not going to do a single bit of justice, so please just go try them at their Sunday brunch, served 11am to 3pm. Probably the best you’ll ever have, right here.




Photo by Adrianne Salmon

Merge [CLOSED…for now]

439 Delaware Ave, Buffalo

Brunch is served Saturday 11:30 – 3

Merge has a weekly vegan pancake special, which should not be looked over by meat eaters IMO. When I went to merge for brunch, they had a lemon poppyseed vegan pancake with a vegan cream cheese icing. It was a heavenly stack of pancakes (AKA light as a cloud and just as delicious as a non-vegan pancake). I have reason to believe that merge’s pancake specials are always this good. Their brunch is served Saturday 11:30am-3:00pm. Vegan or not, check it out. They have options for everyone.


Breakfast Spots

We all know that a pancake craving often can’t be satisfied with something out of the ordinary. Enter diners. There are a few awesome places to go in WNY when you’re looking for classic, bigger-than-your-head pancakes. When you need to complete a carb challenge for breakfast on Tuesday morning at 7:30am, these places have your back.


Pancakes, berthas

Photo by Adrianne Salmon

Bertha’s Diner

1430 Hertel Ave, Buffalo

Open Monday through Saturday from 7am to 2pm and Sunday from 8am to 2pm

You can never go wrong with a fat stack of pancakes that’s served with half a stick of butter. At Bertha’s, you can even tickle your fancy with something extra too – like banana walnut, blueberry, or chocolate chip. Bertha’s is open Monday through Saturday from 7am to 2pm and Sunday from 8am to 2pm and it’s just plain old good.

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Pancakes, Nicks

Photo courtesy of Nick’s Place

Nick’s Place

504 Amherst St, Buffalo

Open every day 7am to 3pm

The secret is out. A few years ago, Nick’s Place was a spot that people drove past unknowingly, rarely mentioned in the hopeless ‘where can I quickly cure this hangover’ conversation. A Black Rock temple, this no-frills greasy spoon will remedy that hangover and more. And of course the pancakes are just what you need, whether they’re your whole meal or split between the table for dessert. Nick’s is open 7am to 3pm everyday.


The Original Pancake House

Photo courtesy of The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House

2075 Niagara Falls Blvd, Buffalo

Open daily 6:45am to 8pm

I couldn’t make this list without including this staple. I can’t argue their claim, as I am still as shamelessly in love with their pancakes as I was when I was seven years old. My personal favorites are pecan and peanut butter, but you really can’t go wrong so choose what sounds best to you. These super rich yet airy pancakes are delicious, but you must be willing to wait in line if you choose to go anytime on Saturday or Sunday morning/early afternoon. The Original Pancake House is open 6:45am to 8pm daily. Brinner anyone? I think yes.

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Pancakes, Sophias

Photo courtesy of Sophia’s

Sophia’s Restaurant

749 Military Rd, Buffalo

Open Tuesday through Sunday from 7am to 3pm

Four words: Apple Cinnamon Walnut Pancakes. If you can eat a full stack to yourself and feel inclined to have a friend record you doing so, DM @buffalobrunch this food-conquering feat and your next stack is on me. I’m serious. Check Sophia’s out Tuesday through Sunday from 7am to 3pm.

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