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Published on July 7, 2017


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Panorama on Seven // Step Out Buffalo

Every season, Panorama on Seven #blesses us with the gift of an updated seasonal menu. The menu updates play off of the changes in available foods and produce, which means the ingredients are fresh and delish.
If it’s been awhile since you’ve been to Panorama on Seven allow us to refresh your memory. Panorama on Seven is on the 7th floor (duh) of the new ~award winning~ Buffalo Marriott (these guys are the #11 best restaurant in North America Marriotts. It’s casual.) located in the HARBORCENTER complex across the street from Canalside / kiddy-cornered with the Cobblestone District / smack dab on the *free* portion of the NFTA Metro Rail. And if you find yourself getting there by car, Panorama on Seven offers free valet parking to all restaurant guests. Now we’re ballin’.

Panorama on Seven // Step Out Buffalo

Panorama on Seven Tuna Tacos // Step Out Buffalo

 The food and drinks at Panorama on Seven are exceptionally crafted. Like, but actually. Before you go understand that the prices are a bit higher than your average corner-Buffalo spot, but that’s because the time, effort, thoughtfulness, and again – those ingredients are carefully chosen. You get what you pay for folks. #treatyoself
This summer Panorama on Seven’s menu goes above and beyond (again) to give us lucky Western New Yorkers a taste of the good life. What can you expect? The 2017 Summer menu incorporates lots of yummy seafood, light and refreshingly fruity gin drinks, and rotating ice cream sandwiches with homemade cookies. Yeah, we know.
Here’s a sample:

    • Queen City SwizzleMint, crushed ice, gin, brown raw sugar, simple syrup. Not shaken, not stirred, SWIZZLED.
    • VesperGin, vodka, white wine. Named after James Bond – be prepared.
    • Bee’s KneesGin, lemon, honey, simple syrup, hard candy rim. Tie between this and the Queen City Swizzle for our favorite new Panorama cocktail.
    • CioppinoSpicier seafood soup (but not too spicy) with no ripping of seafood required. Pro-tip: use the baguettes as a sopping liquid for all that yummy broth.
    • Crab CakeParisian style with 4 oz of pure, unadulterated crab meat aka no filler. Accompanying succotash sits in a smoker for 45 minutes then tossed with an herb butter.
    • Beef CarpaccioSicker than your average. Comes with chef’s special “Mother Sauce”.

Panorama on Seven Beef Carpaccio // Step Out Buffalo

Panorama on Seven Poached Pear Salad // Step Out Buffalo

    • Poached Pear SaladMade with white wine, hollaaaaa! Also: cinnamon, sugar, mint, citrus vinaigrette dressing frisee mix made in-house, dehydrated lemon powder. You’ll smell this dish before you see it.
    • Summer Blue CrabThis salad is a play on the classic Cobb salad, but like, not lame. Bonus: it comes with candied bacon.
    • Bone Marrow (2.0) – Classic dish from winter that’s been reworked for the warmer months. Enjoy savoring this bad boy’s texture and house-smoked tomatillo chutney topping.
    • Tuna TacosThese are the most popular dish on the menu, and for a good reason. House seared tuna, pickled watermelon radish, & dusted with wasabi powder and toasted sesame seeds. We liiiiiive.
    • Coq Au Vin BlancTraditional Coq Au Vin is braised in red wine, but not this bad bird! The chefs decided to give this the summer treatment with a crisp, fruity white wine and citrus elements that pop. The dish even changes its wardrobe occasionally depending on what vegetables are freshest that day so you may never get the same thing twice!
    • Crispy Skin SalmonAdapted from what was their most popular winter dish and updated for your summer taste buds. Served with a carrot ‘silk’, which is like a puree taken to the next level.

Panorama on Seven Coq Au Vin Blanc // Step Out Buffalo

Panorama on Seven // Step Out Buffalo

  • Bone in RibeyeOne of our fav entrees, this is another updated classic from the winter menu…because it’s *that* popular. These guys took their tomahawk steak and managed to squeeze even more meat into it. Expect a super tender, flavorful slab of beef seasoned with their special house blend.
  • Baba Au RhumThis fruit dessert is kind of like a brioche and is soaked in vanilla + rum syrup and served with a small mountain of fresh berries and freshly whipped cream. Woof. It’s kind of like a “soaked pound cake” in its density and texture…but on flavor steroids. Let it be known, this was our favorite dessert.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich TrioHomemade cookies with homemade ice cream in between. When you order you’ll get three tasty sandwiches, we tried the chocolate chip, rainbow sprinkle, and Oreo (IMO the best one) but the flavors will change periodically.

Panorama on Seven Ice Cream Sandwcih Trio // Step Out Buffalo

Panorama on Seven // Step Out Buffalo

Panorama on Seven // Step Out Buffalo

Are you drooling yet? The new Panorama on Seven menu is only here for a limited time (aka until October), so get over there and try it while you can! And tell ‘em Step Out Buffalo sent ya 😉
PS: They’ve also recently just added a new brunch menu on Sundays with Bloodies that are made from SCRATCH. Oh yes honey.

Panorama on Seven // Step Out Buffalo

Panorama on Seven Details

7th floor of Buffalo Marriott HARBORCENTER Hotel
95 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14203 / (716) 852-0049
Canalside / Downtown
Hours: Sunday 7am – 1am, Monday-Saturday 6:30am – 1am
Website: /  Facebook: Panorama on Seven / Instagram: @panoramaonseven
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Written by <a href="" target="_self">SOB Creative</a>

Written by SOB Creative

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