PSA: This Local Company Is Making It Easier to Enjoy August By Making Back to School Shopping Faster



Written by SOB Creative

Published on August 6, 2018

Parents you know back-to-school season is cray. The worst part? Running around to 7 different stores and searching all over the Internet to find everything on those damn supply lists. By the end, you’ve driven yourself bonkers and spent a crapload of money.

This back-to-school madness can be a problem of the past thanks to our friends at Buffalo’s own The Back to School Project. This local business does the tough stuff for you. Say goodbye to your days of stressing over supplies, and hello to more free time – to get to all those end-of-summer events, obv.

Scenario #1: Let’s be real. Most of us wait until the last minute every single year. When a bunch of procrastinating parents hit the stores, it can get real ugly real fast. The sales associates are over it, and the pickings are slim. So then you end up going to several stores to find the products that match the nit picky specifications from this year’s  supply list. All in all the whole experience just never good time.

Scenario #2: Forget allllll of that and go The Back to School Project all the way.


We vote Scenario #2.

Here’s how it works. Search and find your supply list or add it to the site. And these folks do the rest. They read product reviews, price match, pack it up, and ship it to you. The end. How wonderfully easy, right?

We love us a Buffalo-based business, especially when it makes life easier. But really, the concept is seriously genius and we are totes all about it.

With back-to-school shopping off your mind, you will have much more time to enjoy the sunny summer days ahead.

FYI- All orders should be placed before August 16 to ensure they arrive before the start of school.


The Back to School Project


Written by <a href="" target="_self">SOB Creative</a>

Written by SOB Creative

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