All Restaurants in ‘Tasting Menu’

  • Carte Blanche

    South Towns
    Price: $$$

    Carte Blanche's menu is based on seasonally appropriate, locally sourced meat and produce with an emphasis on house-made. The cuisine is New American with a lean toward French. Their well trained kitchen and bar staff serves up delicious chow and delectable drinks with equal integrity. We'd throw some recommendation at you but the menu changes up so fast it's hard to keep up.

  • Oliver’s Restaurant

    North Buffalo
    Price: $$$

    One of the finest restaurants in Buffalo, Oliver's Restaurant is fine dining in the "Old School" tradition. This gem has been turning out great food and great chefs for decades- thankfully there is no end in site. Chef Ross Warhol continues the tradition with stunning displays of culinary magnificence. Oliver's is elegant enough for the most special occasion, inviting enough for an early weekday dinner, and offers one of the nicest bars in town.