Getaway: Stay in a Treehouse at The Mohicans Any Time of Year



Written by Jessica Kelly

Published on July 8, 2022
Photo x Jessica Kelly

When we first heard about these luxury treehouses, the Mohicans, out near Glenmont, Ohio (4.5 hour drive from Buffalo) we just thought it would be similar to a typical camping experience. Still roughing it, but you know… in a tree. Little did we know that these would be full on luxury treehouses with amenities just like you have at home. 

Each treehouse is unique in its own way and can accommodate all different size groups of people. There are even cabins for much larger groups but the treehouses are, by far, the most unique element of the Mohicans. 

When preparing to drive out, we’d highly recommend having backup directions printed or written, because you likely will not get great cell service unless you’re at the Grand Barn. 


The Grand Barn has held countless weddings with space for the bride and the wedding party to get ready upstairs and even stay there if they like. The wedding is intimate but can still fit a surprising amount of people and the food is incredible! During our visit, one of the things we had the opportunity to do is meet with Drew Slane, the very talented chef at the Mohicans. 

From his delicious curry full of flavor while not being overly spicy to his tender juicy pork chops, it’s Drew’s mission to deliver high-quality food to the wedding guests that will be memorable and far from the mediocre meals you’re used to having at weddings like dried chicken and overcooked steak. Drew knows how important the food is and wants to create a memorable experience with a variety of options for their wedding guests. They’re working to make food available, not just through catering for the weddings, but for guests of the treehouses, as well. Stay tuned for that, because Drew’s food is really a treat!

With full amenities explained on the website, each treehouse is different. The little red treehouse was featured on an episode of Treehouse Masters! It’s bright red exterior and stained glass windows really adds an element of character to the treehouse. This one bed loft has an indoor toilet and an outdoor shower and sleeps about two guests. From there they have Old Pine, White Oak, Moonlight, Tin Shed, and the next three houses with more being built which seems like by the minute. Including the one that we stayed in called the El Castillo treehouse. 

Photo x Jessica Kelly
Photo x Jessica Kelly
Photo x Jessica Kelly


Photo x Jessica Kelly

Staying at The Mohicans

22650 Vess Rd, Glenmont, OH 44628 / (740) 599-9030 /

Honestly, this place took our breath away. Once you make your way up the stairs and across the bridge, plugging in the lock code, we swung open the door to see a dimly lit living room with champagne and a journal full of memories people had there previously. There was a small kitchenette filled with your typical necessities.

There’s a full bathroom with a toilet and indoor shower. In addition, there’s also an outdoor shower which was fully private and blocked off, but you can enjoy watching the birds and looking at the foliage while relaxing outside. Up the spiral staircase was a huge king-size bed and a second terrace balcony, in addition to the balcony outside on the bottom floor. There was a Murphy bed downstairs so you can kick back and relax while watching movies on the flat screen TV.

It was far from roughing it I can tell you that much. There was even air conditioning for the hot summer night that we were there. We were quite shocked at just how stunning this two story treehouse was. It was incredible.

They’re working on building many other tree houses including the airstream tree house that they’ve actually put an airstream van into the tree and building a sauna room off of it for a girls’ night out or a girls getaway feel. Besides relaxing or picking up food at the local grocery store to cook on your charcoal grill or over the open fire you create yourself, there are a few things you can do. If you don’t want to just walk or hike around to explore nature, you can go to tree frog canopy tours for a wild ride.

Property Tour with Guide Kevin Mooney

After an amazing experience zip-lining (more on that below), we had the chance to explore the grounds with Kevin. Kevin owns the property with his wife Laura and you can tell just from having one conversation with him how passionate he is about what they are building, and the future of the Mohican property.

The couple has fond memories of the Mohican River and the land nearby, so building a resort with a unique twist was just a way that they could help visitors build their own memories there, too. The couple focused on cabins to accommodate larger groups, but quickly changed their focus to treehouses after reading about them in a book. The treehouses are truly stunning, fulfilling a childhood dream while incorporating the modern amenities we crave as adults.

Photo x Jessica Kelly

With plenty of gorgeous treehouses to choose from and things to do, a weekend in the wilderness is something we can all use. Looking to dine out while there? Try the Hanover House Diner for some tasty comfort food, Trails End Pizza for pizza and apps, Des Dutch Essenhaus for all you can eat crazy portions and an old school candy store, and Broken Rocks Cafe & Bakery for fresh seafood and craft beers. Wanting to fire up the coal grill on the property? Head to Stake’s IGA, a local grocery store, to pick up what you’d like to cook!

Tree Frog Canopy Tours Ziplining

21899 Wally Rd, Glenmont, OH 44628 /

**Due to extensive storm damage, they are currently suspending operations for the 2022 Season.

Open May-October

This 2 1/2 hour tour may seem long, but when you’re out there you’re having too much fun to even notice the time! With over 4000 feet of zip line cable your experience seven zip lines, to sky bridges, and two repels with a surprise at the end… that we’re not about to ruin. 

You start off a little slow and by the end of the course you’ll be soaring down one of their fastest ziplines with speeds that have reached up to 51 mph! You don’t realize quite how fast that is until you’re out there! The repelling is a little bit of a challenge, but the guides were so helpful and amazing, we were grateful to have them! 

Photo x Jessica Kelly

They were not only funny, but extremely helpful and motivating, pushing people out of their comfort zone but not pushing them to the point where they were embarrassed or afraid to admit they were too nervous to try something. At the very end you have to repel to get down off the platform. They do have repelling as an option. At that point the group had already done it once and realized it’s not a big deal once you get past the fear of heights. However, they threw in a loophole. They have a bungee called quick flight to surprise you at the end, giving you yet another way to challenge yourself before the touch is over!

You cannot sit and scoot off the platform, you have to step off or fall backward and freefall for a few seconds before the bungee catches you, slowly lowering you to the ground. Once you do it, you’ll realize how fun and frame it feels, but getting over the initial fear of stepping off the platform really challenges you physically and mentally.


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