The Best Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

Marble + Rye, Step Out Buffalo, Best New Restaurants

Marble + Rye / Step Out Buffalo

Updated January 2019

Looking to impress that special some – boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, parents, BFF – this V Day? Nothing says “I love you” like great food and drink. These places all fit the bill, with varying degrees of quiet/low light to high buzz and fun. Sure, they may be a bit on the edge of your traditional Valentine’s Day, but hey – step out, would ya? Some are small and some are pretty popular, so call ahead ASAP and if you don’t get a resy this weekend, be sure to try back soon.


Marble + Rye specializes in meat and whiskey - these are a few of our favorite things. The understated brick walks, high ceilings and hard hitting bar scene rounds out the +. In truth they offer plenty more, and whatever you choose will likely be no-frills delicious.

San Marco

San Marco is a no-brainer to the legions of fans they have built up over the past 30 some years, but to many they may remain a mystery. We are pretty sure the regulars have agreed not to let anyone in on their secret. This is some of the finest northern Italian food you will find this side of the Veneto. They offer a great wine list and cuisine fit for the…


Walking into Roost, you might doubt that you’re in Buffalo, or on Niagara St. You’re reminded of the raw beauty of our post-industrial city and, seriously, how f*%^ing cool Buffalo is becoming through these developments in areas that were abandoned for years. Your fellow bougies are already sitting at their tables getting day drunk, and the servers and cooks are hustling around like our badass restaurant folk do in this city of…

Lucia’s on the Lake

Sure Lucia's on the Lake has a nice view of the lake, but they are more than just a pretty face. These guys can actually cook too. This is a comfortable tavern-like atmosphere, with a good bar and plenty of neighborhood vibe. We love the Bang Bang Shrimp, the braised short ribs, the stroganoff...

The Dapper Goose

The Dapper Goose never fails to satisfy in our eyes. This Black Rock gem offers one of the premier craft cocktail programs in town. The understated elegance gives off the perfect vibe for a romantic getaway dinner and the wines and cuisine to match. The food is always on point and we love the brunch, when we can a table.

Coco Bar & Bistro

Coco's oozes "relax and enjoy the evening". This charming neighborhood spot has everything but a neighborhood. We love the vibe, and the Coq au vin almost as much as we love the mussels.

Billy Club

Sneaky good is the first thing that comes to mind. Sure one would expect fine wines, clever cocktails, and great craft beers in this locale on Allen. You'll get all of that and more - like really good food. Did we mention their great whiskey selection? Winner! Hurry in before everyone knows.


Located on a commercial stretch of Kenmore Ave the family run Sinatra's Trilogy Restaurtant is synonymous with supercaladelicious. No doubt some of the best Southern Italian in the city, they somehow manage to combine traditional and imaginative to create consistently magnificent meals. Everything here is fantastic, the Roasted Sweet Peppers are amazing, and the Pasta Fagioli is our standard of excellence.

Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche's menu is based on seasonally appropriate, locally sourced meat and produce with an emphasis on house-made. The cuisine is New American with a lean toward French. Their well trained kitchen and bar staff serves up delicious chow and delectable drinks with equal integrity. We'd throw some recommendation at you but the menu changes up so fast it's hard to keep up.

Lombardo Ristorante

Not only does Lombardo's Ristorante offer up some of the finest Italian food and brick oven pizza in town, they offer up some of the best service as well. They've been serving North Buffalo for over 40 years. The staff is so friendly you're liable to walk out thinking they mistook you for uncle Joey. They do pretty much everything right - salads, house made pasta, chops, scaloppini... they even appreciate your…

Oliver’s Restaurant

One of the finest restaurants in Buffalo, Oliver's Restaurant is fine dining in the "Old School" tradition. This gem has been turning out great food and great chefs for decades- thankfully there is no end in site. Chef Ross Warhol continues the tradition with stunning displays of culinary magnificence. Oliver's is elegant enough for the most special occasion, inviting enough for an early weekday dinner, and offers one of the nicest bars…

The Grange Community Kitchen

What can one say about simple elegance. This place is so comfortable their biggest problem is getting customers to leave so they can turn over the tables. The charcuterie is only the greatest food item since the chicken...or is it the egg? Everything is super fresh/locally sourced and the brick oven pizza's are special. A great bar and intelligent beer/wine lists makes this place a great find and a hard get. [try…

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