Sammy’s Pizzeria – 28 Days of Pizza

Sammy's Pizzeria - 28 Days of Pizza | Step Out Buffalo

DAY #27: Sammy’s Pizzeria

Neighborhood: Niagara Falls

1400 Hyde Park Boulevard, Niagara Falls, New York 14305 / (716) 297-8442


Pizza Journal: We had a few recommendations for pizza places to try in Niagara Falls. It took some time to make the trek up, but I made it and I’m glad I did. I planned on visiting La Hacienda, but that didn’t happen. Bummer. Next on the list was Sammy’s, recommended by a friend that frequents the area. Let me tell you – this was a killer recommendation. The place is very unsuspecting. It’s simple and very casual with a bar, what seemed like a restaurant dining area, and some super cash booths for the takeout area in the back. I am going to be straight with you. At first glance, the pizza looked disgusting. I almost didn’t want to try it because it looked so greasy. (That’s when I took the above photo.) I gave it a chance to cool down (I may have been a tad early to pick it up) and gave it another shot, opening the box to find hardly any grease and a thin crusted, interesting looking pizza. I had a bite and what I tasted was not what I expected AT ALL. It was delicious. Any fears of the pizza being too greasy were gone. I think that in fact the mixture of different cheeses melding with the nicely seasoned sauce made for a strange texture before it settled. Did I mention the sauce was nicely seasoned?? Damn these people know what they’re doing. The crust/dough is super thin but still soft and fluffy. Try it with an open mind – you will not be disappointed.


Tester Observations:

CRUST: very thin, nice and fluffy, soft dough

SAUCE: nicely seasoned!, good amount of sauce

CHEESE: not tons of cheese, very unique, possibly a blend of different cheeses?, makes for a different look, texture and taste

PEPPERONI: thick, meaty, tasty


See where this pizza’s crust, sauce, cheese and pep fall on our observation meters. More importantly – what rating does it get on our LIKE-O-METER:

Sammy's Pizzeria - 28 Days of Pizza | Step Out Buffalo


28 Days of Pizza


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