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Written by Daniel Meyer

Published on March 25, 2015
Rocco's Homemade Meatball Specialty Pizza

Rocco’s Homemade Meatball Specialty Pizza

It has been done before and will certainly be done again, but we felt it was time to take the painstaking effort to compile a “best of” style that lists some of the most worthy specialty pizza slices that you can devour at various locations throughout Western New York.

Plenty is said about this region’s chicken wings and rightfully so, but handling the “hands on research” needed to create this list reminded me that there are numerous places that serve spectacular pies. For what it is worth, the slices of pizza consumed during the making of this list reminded me that the Buffalo/Niagara region knows how to produce perfect pies and makes me appreciate the many pizza parlors, restaurants, bars and taverns who know that a quality slice is more than just a sloppy bread triangle covered in so-called marinara sauce and some sorry excuse for cheese.

Using a “March Madness” theme, here are the details on 16 superb specialty pizza slices that you should strongly consider consuming in the very near future. Please note that for some locations, select specialty slices (meaning choices besides the traditional cheese and pepperoni) are not necessarily served on a daily or even regular basis, so in some cases, the ordering of an entire pie may be required. As always, please leave your thoughts, comments, questions, concerns, complaints and of course suggestions in the comments section.


“Jimmy’s Big Cheese Steak Pizza” at Bocce Club Pizza

4174 North Bailey Avenue in Amherst / (716) 833-1344

This may be Jimmy’s favorite pie, but it is also one of my favorites. Absolutely delicious pizza with generous portions of steak, mozzarella and cheddar cheese and banana peppers. Simply put, a superb slice of near perfection with each and every bite.


“Beef on Weck Pizza” at Brick Oven Bistro

910 Abbott Road in South Buffalo / (716) 844-8496

We have many great pizza places in Western New York as well as a number of eateries that serve delicious been on weck sandwiches. Unfortunately, some of the pizzerias who try to combine the two Buffalo staples come up a bit short. Not at Brick Oven Bistro, which bakes a stupendous pie with tender roast beef and the perfect blend of horseradish and Swiss cheese.


“Bacon Chicken Ranch Pizza” at Bob & John’s La Hacienda

1545 Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo / (716) 836-5411

Creative combination with chicken, bacon, ranch dressing and monterey jack cheese all coming together into a mouth-watering slice of heaven. Well, at least it tastes the way. Bob & John’s knows pizza and a slice of this pie proves it.


“Mediterranean White Flatbread Pizza” at Bella Pizza

3330​ South Park Avenue in Lackawanna / (716) 822-6242

This is a bit of a technicality since this is actually a single-serve pan-sized style pizza as opposed to a slice, but honestly, once you take your first bite you will be happy I recommended this pie to you. The flatbread is generously covered with olive oil, ricotta cheese, black olives, diced tomatoes, onions and mozzarella cheese. Incredible feast for the eyes and of course your stomach.


“Papa Harry’s Super Steak Pizza” at Blasdell Pizza

3904 South Park Avenue in Blasdell / (716) 822-1138

Topped with four different types of cheese, mushrooms, onions and either hot or sweet peppers. you can also go all out and add either chicken (my personal preference) or sausage. Believe me, super is appropriately used to describe this pie.


“Pizza Alle Verdure” at Romeo & Juliet’s Bakery and Caffe

2512 Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda / (716) 862-3980

A wonderful combination of fresh ingredients that includes eggplant, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, mozzarella and romano cheeses. The menu describes it as “refreshing” and having had slices from two of Romeo & Juliet’s four locations, I cannot argue with that.


“World Famous Three Cheese Steak Pizza” at Just Pizza

300 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo / (716) 883-5650

You can never go wrong with Just Pizza’s most popular specialty slice. I don’t know how they do it because other pizzerias have certainly tried but have been unable to duplicate the perfect the exact blend of mozzarella, Swiss and White American cheeses with the delicately sliced and always tender sirloin steak mushrooms, onions and either hot or sweet peppers. You will fall in love after your very first bite.


“White Pizza” at Gino & Joe’s Pizza

424 Main Street in Buffalo / (716) 856-3107

Known for their New York style pizza, there is always a tremendous variety of choices at Gino & Joe’s, located inside the Main Place Mall in downtown Buffalo. For my money, the top-notch slice is their white pizza, which features fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, and parmesan and mozzarella cheeses. Ample amounts of tomato and onion in every bite make it the ideal midday snack.


“Mister Chicken Wing Pizza” at Mister Pizza

1065 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo / (716) 882-6500

The place has trademarked the phrase “seven days without pizza makes one weak” so you know they are serious about their pies. Remember that all their pizzas are normally cut in squares, but they are willing to make exceptions and serve them as traditional slices if that is your request. Using their special dressing, you can have your chicken served either hot, medium or mild along with celery, carrots and mozzarella, fontinella, romano and light cheddar cheeses. And of course bleu cheese is served on the side.


“Quattro Formaggi” at Trattoria Aroma

5229 Main Street in Williamsville / (716) 631-2687

Terrific toppings on all of their pizza pies, with pomodoro sauce, house-made fresh mozzarella and gorgonzola, asiago and parmigiano cheeses making this particular selection of “pizze” an immaculate delicacy that is almost too pretty to consume.


“Meat Lovers Pizza” at LaNova Pizza

371 West Ferry Street in Buffalo / (716) 881-3303

Another Western New York institution for pizza, a slice of this pie gives you access to a mix of 100 percent pure mozzarella, taco, cheddar and romano cheeses and hearty portions of pepperoni, ham, cappicola, sausage and bacon. Vegetarians need not apply.


“Broccoli Pizza” at The Now Pizzeria

88 Main Street in Hamburg / (716) 649-5840

This pie has a distinct flavor so grab a slice and delve into a tasty treat that includes olive oil and garlic with broccoli, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses and sliced tomatoes. A delicious and surprisingly filling pie.


“Imperial Deluxe Pizza” at Imperial Pizza

1035 Abbott Road in Buffalo / (716) 825-3636

Their six-item pizza pie includes cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, sweet peppers and anchovies, a single slice may be all you need to satisfy your hunger due to the immense size of their slices and incredibly generous portions of the previously mentioned toppings. While some pizzerias who serve multiple-item pies tend to produce a soggy-in-the-middle finished product, Imperial’s seasoned veterans working the ovens know exactly how to bake their pies so that there is no disappointment.


“Roma Thin Crust Pizza” at Mangia Ristorante and Caffe

4264 North Buffalo Road in Orchard Park / (716) 662-9467

Their gourmet selection of thin crust pizza – also referred to as “pizza del cuoco” on the menu – is impressive, if not actually overwhelming because of the wide variety of options. The roma pie is the perfect selection if you are looking for a slice populated with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, pepperoni, hot peppers and calamata olives.


“Homemade Meatball Pizza” at Rocco’s Wood Fired Pizza

5433 Transit Road in Buffalo / (716) 247-5272

The pies produce inside of this authentic old world pizzeria are spectacular, each pizza is baked in their wood-burning ovens at a temperature of 900 degrees. My suggestion for you is a single slice of the homemade meatball pie, which also includes hot peppers and ricotta, romano and mozzarella cheeses. Enjoy your slice and then bring the rest of the pie home for future feasts of a truly unique dish.


“Chicken Basil Pizza” at Lovejoy Pizza

1244 East Lovejoy Street in Buffalo / (716) 891-9233

Delicious! Grab a slice of this pizza and be ready to be blown away by the delicately crafted combination of seasoned chicken, olive oil, fresh garlic, basil, spices, romano, parmesan, mozzarella, mushrooms and your choice of sweet or hot peppers. I went with the hot peppers and clearly made a wise decision.


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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Daniel Meyer</a>

Written by Daniel Meyer

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