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Written by Lauren Spoth

Published on April 1, 2015

Dyngus Day parties in Buffalo, NY - Polish flag

The Best Dyngus Day Parties in WNY

If there’s one thing all Buffalonians know how to do it’s party. And when it’s time to celebrate our heritage we will party hard, which is why we’re famous for throwing the largest Dyngus Day party in the world. While traditional Dyngus Day celebrations date back to the 1870’s, here in Buffalo they began with a small party at the Chopin Singing Society on Kosciuszko St in the early 1960’s. The success of the party led to lots more Dyngus Day parties and dances at places like the Warsaw Inn, Broadway Grill, Polish Singing Circle, and the Buffalo Terminal where a few of the now dozens of celebrations are still held today. With so many parties and pierogi to choose from, we took the liberty of listing out the best of the best so all you have to worry about is Zywiec or Tyskie. Na zdrowie!



Pussywillow Park Party Tent

Memorial Dr, Historic Polonia District

Cost: $10 to get in, $2 with the Pussywillow Pass (Pussywillow Passes can be purchased at Wegmans, the Broadway Market, or any official Dyngus Day venue.

Undoubtedly the largest of all the celebrations, the Party Tent is right in the center of it all. It’s within walking distance of the Buffalo Central Terminal, Food Truck Alley (where our favorite Polish Food Truck Betty Crockski will be situated), the Main Stage filled with music and entertainment, the Broadway Market, St Stan B&M R.C. Church, Arty’s Grill, R & L Lounge, and Corpus Christi Church & A.C., which will all be having festivities of their own throughout the day. Trust us, this is a good place to be.


Betty Crockski Food Truck

Millennium Hotel

2040 Walden Galleria Drive, Cheektowaga

Cost: Easter Sunday: $10; Dyngus Day: $10

Come on down for Chopin Singing Society’s 54th Annual “Buffalo’s Original” Dyngus Day Celebration! This party actually starts on Easter and carries over to Dyngus Day, so it’s a good thing it’s at a hotel. Starting at 6pm Sunday you can find live music and authentic kuchnia Polska all night long and on Monday enjoy a Dyngus Day brunch, traditional chorus music and ethnic dancing demonstration, then more live music into the night. Sounds like an awesome sleepover to us.


Polish Villa II

Polish Villa II / Photo by Lauren Spoth

Polish Villa 2

1085 Harlem Rd, Cheektowaga

Cost: $10, $2 with the Pussywillow Pass

We’ve already raved about the authentic food and ambiance of the Polish Villa 2 –check out Our Picks for the Best Kuchnia Polska & our behind the scenes peek of their kitchen– and now you can experience it on the most fun of Polish days. From 10AM to “all night” enjoy brunch, Bloody Mary BOWLS (yes, we said BOWLS), live music, and more food until you start speaking Polish…or at least think you’re speaking Polish.

Dyngus Day parties in Buffalo, NY - Dyngus Day Flags

Photo by Lauren Spoth

Salvatore’s Italian Gardens

6461 Transit Rd, Depew

Cost: Easter Sunday, $10; Dyngus Day: $10

We know what you’re thinking: Italian?? But have no fear; this is just Val’s new venue of choice. THERE WILL BE POLSKA. Now in its 26th consecutive year, Val’s Annual Dyngus Day Weekend is a two-day event with a party and a pre-party. At the Pre-Dyngus Day Party on Sunday there’s guaranteed to be pussywillows, live music, dancing, and the Original “Blessing of the Instruments” Ceremony beginning at 6pm and continuing throughout the night. On Dyngus Day there will be much of the same plus food, continuous Polka music, and a performance by the Polish Heritage Dancers. The Garden Place Hotel is offering special Dyngus Day rates to anyone who wants to celebrate all weekend long, and we say why Polska in one day what you could Polska in two?

Dyngus Day parties in Buffalo, NY - Polish Beer

Photo by Lauren Spoth

Polish Falcons

445 Columbia Dr, Depew

Cost: $10, $2 with Pussywillow Pass

The Polish Falcons are a social group of men who proudly state that “whether you’re 100% Polish or have no Polish blood in you, we will make you feel welcomed”. And welcomed you will feel as you dance, drink, and eat with the best of ‘em at the Falcons’ 41st Annual Dyngus Day Celebration that goes from 2pm-???. One of the originals – they keep it going!


Gypsy Parlor

376 Grant St, Buffalo

Cost: Free

Dubbed the Official Dyngus Day After Party, Gypsy Parlor is promising to serve up lots of authentic food and music for your eating and listening pleasure. It’s one of the few free parties in town today and they’re promising to crank out 4,000 pierogi served nice n’ hot at $2 apiece. Wash them down with a $3 Sobieski and/or Tyskie and dance the night away from 7pm until you can’t dance no mo’.

For more information about Dyngus Day festivities all around Buffalo including the parade and schedule of events, visit the offical Dyngus Day Buffalo website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Written by <a href="" target="_self">Lauren Spoth</a>

Written by Lauren Spoth

Lauren is the Creative Marketing Director at Step Out Buffalo aka the person who posts all those memes on social. A lover of Buffalo, food, travel, and animals, she can usually be found trying different local restaurants while planning her next adventure and asking passersby if she can pet their dog. Follow her dog-petting adventures on Instagram @laurenspoth
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